Lifting In A Fasted State?



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    @Jason Miller said:
    Fast and slow twitch fibers.

    Thx Jason, I follow now, I wasn't familiar with that terminology (& why would I be).

    ( I was thinking at the 'muscle level' when I said context...not the 'fiber level' )

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  • I can't believe anyone that is truly interested in health would consume Gatorade. Also Jason seems to think that his way is the only way and it isn't. Lifting while BP fasting might not work for you but it works for others, me included. My workouts are strong while fasting & as long as I eat protein after a workout my muscle growth is good as well. One size does not fit all.

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    Training fasted and making progress for a few years is normal, no big deal. The point is, how long can one keep this up until everything crashes, because after some years, the whole hormonal system will crash. When you have to keep blood glucose high you use extra amounts of cortisol, and you can conveniently do that for years. Then after you run out, which for me took 7-8 years, you spend just as many years in a zombie state due to adrenal reserves getting completely depleted.
    Doing great on keto / fast and training for a few months, even for a few years, even breaking some PRs while doing so, doesn't prove anything. Unless your aim is to make progress for 4 years, break your records, and then spend the rest of your life in bed.

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  • It depends what you want if your lifting weight to build muscle you are a fool to do it fasted. If you want to be lean then most of your carbs should be pre and post workout. If you want a sub par workout then go fasted you think your giving it your all but seriously you are not. While protien is used to build muscle carbs are also required for the process as well as replenishing. @Judiek17 seriously your questions @Jason Miller knowledge with a statement like jason thinks his way is the only way well sorry to inform you but biology is the same for all of us, thing is you are obviously after a differant goal which short term you can get fasted but eventually it won't be enough.

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    To piggyback off of what Jason mentioned in his first post, If I trained fasted it's because I've eaten a huge amount of carbs the evening before,so I don't wake up hungry. My glycogen stores are all filled up!

    In contrast, if I don't eat a lot before bed the next morning's workout will be terrible.

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  • My boyfriend always lifts in a fasted state. He says he feels more energetic and hits PRs when he's fasted although he did say it takes awhile to get acclimated to. Try it :smile:! Although if you have Adrenal Fatigue, it might be best to err on the side of caution!

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    In a fasted state, muscle protein breakdown (MPB) exceeds muscle protein synthesis (MPS). After 12 weeks of training, MPS in a fasted, rested (not trained for 3 days) state is increased by ~24%, while MPB is ~21% lower. So the net muscle protein balance is less negative in trained athletes vs untrained athletes.

    Obviously, the net muscle protein balance is still negative (it's always negative in a fasted state).

    In contrast to muscle protein breakdown, whole-body protein breakdown was increased following the 12-week training program. This suggests that in trained athletes, the body prioritizes muscle mass higher at the expense of proteins in non-muscle tissues.

    In addition, they show that the change in fasted, rested MPS correlates with muscle hypertrophy. I still see people claim that MPS does not predict muscle hypertrophy, based on 1 study in which it makes total sense that MPS does not predict hypertrophy IN THAT VERY SPECIFIC CONTEXT. Up your protein metabolism understanding game broski's.

    Now one critical question, how relevant are these findings in practice for serious athletes? In practice, they'll likely never be in a fully rested state (not exercised for days) and should try to avoid a fasting state (sorry IF'ers) as much as possible to begin with if their goal is max gains. Still a very interesting step in better understanding muscle metabolism in a trained vs untrained state.

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  • I've been working out fasted for years. The first time I tried it, I was a bit concerned about not having enough energy but I did just fine so I tried it again. Since I've done it for so long, eating something a couple of hours before working out actually makes me feel heavier and somewhat weaker. It might be a mental thing, I don't know, but I'm used to working out fasted now and since I do my workout at the beginning of the day, it works out just fine.

  • An example of someone who is doing cardio and weights fasted and then not eating for several hours after his workout.

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    So me being the new guy, let me see if i follow.
    I currently fast between 8pm and 2pm like Bulletproof calls for, but i workout at 3am. Obviously in my fasted state. Im only a month in and im very happy with the weight loss and the lack of Brain Fog, but i have plateaued in my workout and wasn't sure what to do. If i follow you guys, most of you are saying i should be working out somewhere in my feed time. Is that correct? and if so when would the ideal time be? I do use the collagen protein in my coffee on the days i lift.

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