How To Upgrade Screen Time

Too much screen time can damage the brain -


However, most of us have to work in front of a monitor 8+ hours a day.


What can be done to minimize negative effects?


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    Download Flux for your PC, it will start to remove blue pigment from your display as the day draws to a close. That will help you wind down.

    EDIT: This will be problematic if you work in a graphic design field.

  • F.lux for sure. This is one of the best finds my friend showed me as I'm at my computer 8+ hours out of the day. My eyes have thanked me big time.

  • f.lux is good but you can also buy a UV-filter for your computer screen that blocks out harmful radiation and protects your eyes, combined with f.lux you virtually have the best technology at hands! I use Ocushield for this, and I've slept like a baby even though I've browsed the web late at night! 

  • I haven't done any research myself into this, but I have seen the Gunnar glasses out there for this purpose.



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