Who Has Done Writings On Increasing Air Intake By Changing Their Position?

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Specifically who has written on these topics?

- Physically making your airway easier for air to get through (example: sticking your tongue forward decreases snoring, somehow makes airway less obstructed)

- Other ways to increase the volume of air you take ?

- Breathing with both nose and a gaping mouth open as opposed to just nose 


So for example extremely fat people seem to not be able to breathe as much volume of air. I can't prove this statement but I still think it is true. I feel there should be ways to physically position your body to intake more air temporarily or otherwise 


Also in emergency situations when people have hard time breathing, sometimes they are positioned in certain ways -> This makes me think that your position does affect how much air your body can take in


Let's not talk about these for now for this thread:

- Power lung 

- Jogging 

- Diet

Let's just restrict this thread to positioning your body / tongue / other body parts


And here's a somewhat related piece on one man arguing you should breathe through both nose and mouth 



There are lots of articles on why you should not be a mouth breather- there are not so many on why should not use both mouth and nose simultaneously. 

It's pretty funny- here's a quora website where alot of the answers just ignore the question wording and assume he means "or" as opposed to "and" 


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