Wife's Unbalanced Hormones

My wife recently did a spectra cell hormone test. Through the test we learned that her free testosterone and progesterone levels are very low and that her SHBG level is very high.


Before we try hormone replacement therapy, does anyone have any implementations my wife to begin in order to start getting her levels back up?




  • Assuming your wife is already following the bulletproof program and is getting plenty of good fats (which she needs for hormone production), have you looked into herbs? Adaptogens like maca and vitex can help to bring her body back into balance over several months.    I don't know much about SHBG, but surely a good fertility naturopath can help you.  Otherwise, the hormone precursors like pregnenolone or dhea might be something worth looking into.  I would do so with caution though.  Good luck :)

  • BrainSpankingNewsBrainSpankingNews Vitimus Maximus ✭✭

    Taking Boron lowers SHBG, allowing more free flowing sex hormones. I had to take it for the same reason. You can get it in liquid form from Amazon, I believe.

    Are you in need of a Bulletproof Diet coach??





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