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<p>I am having an Issue with Crashes when I make my 20 hour interminnent fast. During the fast i have the best party of the day and then I start eating. I normally eat fruit because we have that in the office and I crash. I totally crash and can't even breathe properly and have a full headache.  I don't know what to do now. All Day I only have sugar, this is the second day I tried 20 instead of 15 hours both days same experience. Is it normal?</p>
<p>I am not myself. </p>


  • WalterWalter ✭✭✭
    <p>Then stop fasting. And stop eating only sugar. </p>
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    <p>Eat three meals of real foods, preferably BP foods in the 'green' zone on the Bulletproof Infographic.</p>
  • <p>weird i intended to write: all day I only had butter but my brain got wired. Did you experience crashes at IF ?</p>
  • WalterWalter ✭✭✭
    <blockquote class="ipsBlockquote" data-author="bulletproofdiet.tumblr.com" data-cid="137230" data-time="1453741132">
    <p>weird i intended to write: all day I only had butter but my brain got wired. Did you experience crashes at IF ?</p>
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    <p>Not that I remember. But I stopped doing IF because I couldn't eat all I needed in that short time window. </p>
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    <p>And eating just butter is just as bad as just eating sugar. You need nutrients and probably a lot more we don't know right now.</p>
  • <p>I went on my third day now, I did not have fruits but salmon and avocado. I did not experience a severe crash- only a short one which already left. I am gonna give this BPIF a try. It is 20 hours of BPIF and 4 hours of BPD. I have eaten very good (check bulletproofdiet.tumblr.com) for the past 2 years and also have a solid suplementation(Vit D 10000 IU; K; B; Coconut Charcoal; BCAAs, Magnesium). I have quiete high body fat(around 27%) and try to cut it down with it. RFLP was too hard so I am going for a short-windowed BPIF. I will try it for a month and c how my prorgress goes with that. And I like the sharp focus you get from "fasting". </p>
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    <p>your fasting window seems quite large...</p>
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    <p>however you enter ketosis from fasting and then fall out of it by having fruits. well now you give you body not enough carbs because you eat only some fruit. and your body screams for more sugar until it enters ketosis again.</p>
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    <p>I would eat at least twice per day in order to get enough nutrients.</p>
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    <p>I would eat like that: morning fat. afternon like 14:00 fat, protein veg. evening before 8 pm fat protein and one piece of fruit or starch... you can calculate macros and micros via cronometer. often I do not get enough nutrients from paleo/bulletproof foods so I take supplements based o what cronometer says. mostly magnesium, potassium, also calcium and selenium, iodine. cronometer does not count iodine but my recent bloodwork showed it and now I have algae supplements even though I eat fish and stuff.</p>

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  • WalterWalter ✭✭✭
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    <p>And for a few days calculate how much you eat and if it's roughly enough. In the end you need enough energy to keep going. Fasting is an additional tool, not a replacement for food.</p>
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    <p>Your meals on Tumblr are looking great btw!</p>
  • <p>Thanks Walter- </p>
    <p>well as a biohacker it is about selfexperimenting, the 20 hour window has the prupose to reduce fat. I ordered steak&salad&Potato for late lunch. I had a very short crushwhich dissapeared and now i feel great again. I think that the food I eat is quiete nutrientful and that my supplementation does the rest. I feel great. It is just the very short time after I have food. I am 180cm (5"9?) and weigh 92 kilos(202lbs) so I have something to loose. Let me try and report. I am just happy the crashes stopped.</p>
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