Decoding Health Issues/phasing Off Meds

Hi Everyone,


So I wanted to reach out on this as it's in regards to someone I love dearly (as we all do), my mother.


Background: My Mom is in her mid 60's, a type 2 diabetic, has a faulty heart valve, hypothyroid issues, some intermittent depression/anxiety from my sister's suicide, but is a generally loving and happy person. She dabbles in and out of BP and isn't necessarily a big eater nor does she eat crap. She grazes and eats mostly random veggies, but isn't perfect and likes things like white wine and will cheat every now and then on carbs or things, but never really goes too "off the rails".


My concern, as of late, is that she's starting to develop a fairly formidable tremor. Tremors seem to run in her family on a mild level and although she is not shaking from head to toe, when a joint or elbow is resting on a table her arms shake back-and-forth in a pretty concerning manner. My suspicion is that perhaps her slew of meds could be at play with this:


Atenolol 50 MG once a day in am (beta blocker for mitro valve regurgitation).

Fluoxetine HCL (Prozac) 30 mg once in the am.  For depression

Metformin hCL 1000 mg. 2 times a day (am and dinner time with food). For diabetes

Levothyroxine 100 MCG once a day in am.  For thyroid.

Hydrochlorothiazide 25 MG once daily in am.  For water retention.

Crestor 20 MG once a day at dinner.  For cholesterol.

Valsartan (diovan) 160 MG once a day for blood pressure.

Aripiprazole (ability) 5 MG once a day at dinner time. For depression. (Works with Prozac)

Zolpidem tartrate (ambien) once at bedtime.  For insomnia.


This seems daunting... but my high level questions are:


1) Do you all think any of these issues like diabetes, thyroid, cholesterol, and BP can be alleviated via BP/Paleo prinicples?

2) Is there any realistic opportunity to work with a naturopath/functional doc and her current doc to chip away at this puzzle in a choesive manner so as to get her off a good portion of these meds? ( I think metformin and her beta blocker are most likely necessary, but seems to me the rest can be totally wiped away)

3) How can one start approaching such a tangled web?

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