Daily Exercise Inflammatory?

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Lately, I've been throwing in daily resistance exercise after my afternoon breakfast, and occasionally after dinner.  This usually makes me pretty thirsty as I soak up water with a bit of a 'pump' effect (I'm guessing due to inflammation in the stressed / fatigued muscles?)


Is this activity inflammatory?


Is it a bad idea to be eating high fat meals (50-100g of fat per meal) and then spiking blood pressure with heavy lifting and producing some level of muscle tissue inflammation (and doing this daily) ?


Going by feel, the exercise (only 15 to 20 minutes worth of activity) seems to give me increased energy without DOMS or soreness and seems to promote ideal body composition.


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    I think the temporary inflammation you get from this exercise is rather beneficial and comes with the adaptation to the workout. It's most likely not permanent.

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  • I can't think of a single scenario where the net effect of exercise isn't beneficial. Maybe running a marathon every day for a year. Other than that, you're good. 

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