The Bulletproof Pullup

So here's the deal...


In 10 weeks I'm signed up for a Tactical Strength Challenge. This challenge takes place in gyms across the country. Three movements are involved...barbell deadlift, kettlebell snatches and pullups or flexed hangs.


I signed up for the Masters Division. The date of the challenge is on my birthday, I'll be 59. To qualify for Masters, I have to do at least 1 pullup from a dead hang position.


I can't do one....yet.


But I've been training and will continue to do so until the big day. If I lose 10-15 lbs, I'm pretty certain that I can complete a pullup. Maybe multiple pullups!



My diet will be the Bulletproof Protocol. I already enjoy bulletproof coffee. Sometimes I do bulletproof bone broth too. It's time to ditch the non bulletproof foods (I'm talking to you, ice cream and cake) and get serious about what I eat.


I'll keep my little spot on the forum to stay accountable.



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