Inexpensive And Decent Looking Amber Blue Blocking Glasses!

Hey guys and girls.  I have been trying to find a relatively inexpensive pair of blue blocking glasses (that look like the ones Dave wears, but not Oakleys).  I have ordered my fair share of cheap ones on ebay and amazon and they all work, but aren't really the kind of thing I would wear out to the grocery store if you know what i mean!  Wanted to share this little hack and I apologize if this has been brought up before.  Anyways, I spent a few hours messing around on last night.  I have prescription glasses and I have ordered a few pairs from them in the past and loved their service and cheap prices!  I've always been surprised with the quality and have never had a pair break on me.  After searching through all the styles, it's easy to find a nice pair for around $10-$20.  You can add a prescription or just get them without, but while checking out, you can add tints to the lenses!  They have everything from yellow to amber and even green, etc.  You can also choose what % you would like (10%, 50%, 80% tint).  Wanted to share this and get some input from the bulletproof community!  I found a few styles that I like, but just gotta decide between  The glasses are cheap enough that I will most likely order a few.  Thanks everyone! 



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