Best Type Of Exercise To Burn Fat?

the best type of exercise to burn fat? high intensity or long aerobic exercise (eg. bike)?

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    You burn much more kcal with high intensity. But it all depends on what shape you are, if you are just starting you probably need to raise the intensity slowly.

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  • I think most people will tell you high intensity. My trainer believes dead lifts the best, but you want to workout everything. 


    Hinges actually took me some time to get my form right, and you don't want to injure yourself. 

  • The one you stick with. I think any form of exercise is fine so long as you eat properly.

  • Losing weight is about the diet. Keeping the muscle mass only lose fat is about training, more specifially strengthtraining. Sure, it is somewhat simplified, since diet and training interact but a good foundation to start from.

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  • bicycling.  Can't burn as many calories any other way, soooo low impact.

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    A healthy diet also plays the important part or else simply exercise more than you take the calories (eat).


    For me, when someone is fat, I would consider the belly part is the most noticeable part. To burn that fat, I have to choose the workout 30min - 1 hour a day from the any six-pack series available from online. Side waist, front waist, twist the waist or probably upper abs or lower abs or side abs...


    It is just feel great if you start to notice a line starts forming from the chest wait until to the bottom belly (abs)...if you are a guy. Anyway, cycling intensively would bring benefits as well. When we see those cyclist in the sports, they all looks extremely slim and fit with the outfit, as to compare with the heavy lifting. While for the gymnastics guy...cycling is not their main focus.


    Anyway....what type of body you are aiming for,.... just look at the sportsman or sportswomen physically, because they practice it all the day and all the time to form that kind of body shape.

  • Germa2000 is right on about cycling. I find that when I cycle--whether on my mountain bike or hybrid bike, but particularly on my mountain bike--I see results quickly. Of course I cycle about 100k / week when I cross-train during marathon training.

    Maybe give cycling a shot.

  • No doubt that cycling can burn a lot of calories but the amount of calories burned is typically determined by the intensity of effort as well as the efficiency (or not) of the cyclist, amongst other things. As an example, a well-trained cyclist just noodling along a smooth bike path will burn significantly fewer calories than an untrained cyclist hammering up a technical mountain bike trail.

  • Build muscle. Muscle consumes more calories to sustain it than fat. Shift your body composition towards muscle and you can set up a virtuous loop, which gets you leaner and on same calorie intake.

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