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I've been  following the diet pretty closely for some time now (not perfectly), but I have some questions for those of you who are more experienced :)


First some background info... I'm 5'9   and about 170 lbs, i have some muscle on me now after working out consistently for the last  months or so..  I'm pretty lean, even back when I wasn't taking care of myself and eating junk food I wasn't  visibly fat.


I can't find find any info on the amount of carbs I should be eating on the bulletproof diet if I'm trying to add some muscle...  I've heard Dave say that people looking to build muscle should eat more carbs, but  didn't go into specifics. There's little info for those of us who aren't trying to lose weight.


  I understand that this will vary from person to person, but If anyone give me some guidance, I would really appreciate it!


thanks :)




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    You'll have to play with it and see how you feel -- you might also log some before / after blood labs to see how these changes in diet affect things like triglycerides / HDL / ldl-particles + sdLDL / inflammatory markers, etc.


    I've experimented with carbohydrate intakes pushing up around 450 grams with lower intakes of fats on training days, where I've never been leaner (with low triglycerides and low LDL-P).  However, I find I have much better energy levels, improved mood, and focus while eating fewer carbohydrate, fewer grams of protein, and fewer calories (at the direct cost of gains, and paradoxically, lower levels of body fat), down closer to the 100-150g range with mixed meals.  If you've been doing a ketogenic diet / low-carb diet for a long time, it can be pretty liberating to bump that up into the stupid 400+ zone while dropping down to minimal body fat and gaining muscle with calorie & macro cycling.


    I like the basic outline for the "lean gains" recomposition diet (or cycles between lean gains bulk / cut diets), but going by feel (and some of my own nutritional theories) it's not a diet that I would feel comfortable on long-term.  It seems very effective when done right with a goal for putting on lean mass without gaining much fat mass, but I don't know if it's ideal for optimal health, longevity, and mental performance.


    Check out these resources:

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