I've Created An Ios Based Genetics App

Ive created an iOS based app built around 23andMe genetic test results. I also provide limited compatibility with Ancestry.com and FamilyTree DNA. Here is the link to my app: 




If you have genetic test results from the above mentioned companies, message me and I will provide you with a Promo Code to download the app for free. The only thing I ask in return is for constructive criticism. 


Thank you! 


  • Thank you   :-P

  • Hi Jesse, great idea. Tried to download it to my iPad but it didn't show in the search results. Tried it from my Mac (which I know is not what it is meant for but was the only one where it offered me to pay to download. It doesn't show in my purchases, so I guess it didn't go through.)


    I'm wondering if the app is available in France (where I currently live).


    Thanks a lot

  • Are you going to make an Android version for tablets and phone?

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