• Aaron, thanks a bunch for your replies and interest.

    Stuttering is a fascinating, yet very frustrating disability. When I'm completely alone, I am 100% fluent. As soon as a listener is introduced, even an answering machine, saying my name becomes a challenge. There becomes an issue with timing between the speech portion of my brain.. and my mouth/tongue/vocal chords. Some studies say stutterers are actually speaking with the wrong portion of their brain.

    As I mentioned earlier, there is no cure and speech therapy has a very low long term success rate. Researchers are looking at dopamine antagonists (anti-psychotics) for stuttering treatment, but to be honest their lists of side effects scares men.

    I'm looking for other alternatives at the moment and nootropics are my next area of interest.

    Hypnotherapy is definitely something I could look into.



    If a listener cause the problem, can it be anxiety related? Have you tried propranolol before speaking in public?

  • GabrielGabriel
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    They anticipate I may need 40 - 60 sessions. It's insanely expensive. I purchased a package of 20 sessions which was $2K. That by far has been the only downside to this, and a big one at that.

    Ill continue to update as I move forward.


    For that price maybe there is an affordable device you can buy. Is there anything special in that biofeedback equipment?


    Dave has devices here

    There are also open EEG

    There are also devices you plug into smartphone.

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