Cystic Acne Around Elbows A Week After Beginning Bp Coffee

It's been three weeks not that I've been on the BP diet with intermittent fasting. I'm using only BP brand coffee with Kerrygold unsalted grassfed butter and brain octane oil. My energy level is soaring and my body has dropped at least 6 lbs of fat which is amazing to me as I am an exercise fanatic and train with weights 5 days a week since forever. 


My issue is with acne. Suddenly in the last week and a half, I've developed 5 cystic acne pimples around the elbows on both arms. Thinking they were dairy related, due to the addition of much larger amounts of butter in my diet, I made the switch over to ghee instead of butter this morning. To me, ghee tastes terrible and ruins the coffee that I've now grown so fond of, anyone have any similar experiences with this and found a way around it that doesn't require switching to ghee?


  • I have had the same response, only the cystic acne is on my scalp.
    It is not caused by the butter, but the Brain Octane. If I remove the Brain Octane, they go away, when I add back in more than a teaspoon or so a day, they come back.
    So I limit myself to a teaspoon in that first cup of coffee, and that works.

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