Almost No Deep Sleep Achieved, Wake Up Feeling Groggy

Since I quit my nightwork job a week and a half ago, I thought I would become more well rested from sleep. That hasn't been the case.


Most of last week, I slept around 10 hours a night -- but my deep sleep percentage was in the thirties (app population average is 55%) and I woke up groggy. I've been going out into the sun for an hour almost every morning (for a walk) in an effort to reset my circadian rhythm. I realize these things can take time, but I'm beginning to worry that there's something in my daily routine that's affecting my ability to sleep. I have three culprits in mind.


1. Raw milk and raw cheese. I introduced raw dairy into my diet in a big way in January, when I got a raw milk share. Before that, I sporadically ate raw cheese (mostly goat cheese). The reason I suspect dairy is because when I wake up in the morning my mouth is dry. This means I've been breathing through my mouth all night, and presumably my nose is congested for some reason. I have seen claims that milk = mucus, but it's hard to evaluate any claims about milk since very few studies have been done with raw, unadulterated milk. Clinically, it has been claimed that most milk issues are not issues when raw milk is used. Common sense says that the extra mucus could be an allergic reaction. I drink one gallon a week.


2. Seasonal allergies. Even though it's only February, this time of year is still quite dry and sunny in Colorado. Moreover, I have very vivid memories of getting some pretty severe reactions in the second semester of my sophomore year in high school. I've never had asthma issues, but I was congested and my eyes were extremely itchy, red, and watery. A cursory glance around the internet says that Juniper pollen is an issue this time of year. I realized that it has been quite windy this past week. I'm also all out of bee pollen until farmer market season starts up. I'll try to up my salt intake, but I'm not familiar with other effective ways to deal with seasonal allergies.


3. Light exposure. Once I quit my job, I took down the plastic covering I had over my window. Since I would be going to bed at more regular times, I didn't think I needed to block out ambient light as heavily. Moreover, I wanted some light to dip into my bedroom in the morning. When I go to bed, the sky is still rather bright (full moon tonight). Looking at my sleep app, most of my deep sleep is achieved in the first four hours of sleep. This could be when my sleep mask slips off. It could be many things, since it's a pattern I've noticed before many times.


Current plan: more salt, black out window again, next month I may remove dairy

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