Lipoma's. What Is Your Success Story?

My best friend has quiet a few lipoma's growing predominately around her torso, arms and back, and obviously is getting quiet worried about more popping up. 


She has been told apple cider vinegar, but does that quiet regularly as apart of her morning routine (on and off) for the past 4 years, the lipomas stating showing up 2.5 years ago. 


She has also tried applying chickweed & thuja creams, and clay poultices with little effect.


She has taken herbal mixtures internally consisting of Milk thistle, gentian, blue flag, schisandra and poke root, together and individually.


As well as supplemental zinc citrate, Vitamin A (also eats biodynamic grass fed butter: Paris Creek), Activated B groups, plus Methyl B12, Folinic acid, glutathione, MSM, SOD, alongside amino acid blends consisting of taurine, methionine, ornithine, L-thyrosine, acetyl L-carnitine, L-glutamine with some L-theanine thrown in for good measure.


Does anyone have any success stories or other suggestions?


How does she hack this?


  • I can't tell you how to hack it but I've read where people have used magnesium oil directly on them and they've shrunk and eventually were undetectable. Mag oil also helps in decalcifying internal organs and joints as well.
  • Directly on them?  Like subcutaneous injections?  Is that how "they" get "terrorists" to talk?

  • googlealchemistgooglealchemist Alchemist

    Not sure if it would directly relate to lipomas...but eggplant extract is supposed to be really good for anything 'skin related' including cancers. A couple of close fam members swear by it for 'skin tags' and the like.


    If that doesn't do it, and/or for additional power...for anything funky skin wise...tape a slice of raw garlic to the problem area. Might need to really tape/seal it up during the day for obvious smell reasons.

  • Do some research in the Lyme & TBD (tick-borne disease) forums if you haven't already. Lipomas are a hot topic among that crowd, particularly cases where there are several.

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