New To Bp But Confused With Need To Add Collegen

I just started with the BP diet this week. I am a healthy 40 year old woman who runs 3-4 miles, 3 mornings a week. I would like to lose about 15 lbs. I am confused with what I should be doing with my BP coffee on days that I run. Should I be drinking my coffee black before exercising and then having my BP coffee after the gym or should I have it first? Also, should women always add collegen protein to the BP coffee or just when regular BP coffee leaves you feeling hungry? This morning I had regular BP coffee at 7:30 when I woke up, then ran, and the next time I ate was at 1:00 when I had my lunch. I didn't feel hungry after my run but then at about 12:45 my hunger hit. Should I be eating something after my run or is it ok to keep fasting until my next meal? There is so much information in these forums that I can't tell what the right thing to do is!! Any advice is appreciated!!


  • it sounds like your routine right now is working well for you so I would recommend sticking to that for a couple more weeks.  then see how u feel. if you don't feel hungry after a run, I don't see a need to eat, unless there's a purpose to it.


    also, there are several threads about the bulletproof diet and exercise you could search for under athletic performance section.

  • so the added college protein is not necessary for all women?

  • it's an option (because the protein is heat stable in the BPC) to help prolong the BP IMF and stave off hunger, on top of what the supplement is supposed to do of course. 

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