Roast Your Own?

O I order Green Beans from small plantations through Sweet Maria's and roast my own with Hot air popcorn poppers, Flavor is unbeatable. Any experience with Toxins doing it this way?


  • I roast a lot of greens on my San Franciscan SF-1, primarily sourced through Sweet Maria's and Coffeeshrub, as well as several other industry connections. To reduce toxins I only buy high SCAA-scored beans, which tends to favor high standards of processing, great storage and faster/cleaner transportation. Added to that, choosing between high grown vs. low grown and wet processed vs. dry processed will make a difference on potential for toxins. Controlling your own sourcing and roasting is the best way to control toxins, as well as providing the most affordable, flavourful, freshest and satisfying coffee. I don't test my coffee for toxins but I do everything I can to ensure quality from source to mug. I'm gonna drink coffee, so it might as well be awesome coffee. ;-)

  • hm. i've thought about this before but never got into it mostly because of laziness and giving dave the benefit of the doubt regarding mycotoxins, but i have been enjoying some locally roasted coffee lately that i haven't noticed any negative effects from. sounds like it could be a fun sunday morning activity. what would be a good way for a newbie to dip their toes in to roasting at home without spending too much money or time? 

  • Here's a good place to start learning a bit more:


  • luckily, once you are ready to give it a try, the green beans and air popcorn popper aren't very expensive.

  • You can even GROW YOUR OWN coffee if you live in a frost-free area, Then, you have complete control!


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