Using The Bulletproof Diet To Address Heart Problems (Bp Newbie)

Hi Everyone,

I have been enjoying BP Coffee for about 3 years now, but I just started the diet about a week ago.

I started the diet to address your weight, energy, lifestyle, etc. as well as some heart problems I have been having good for the last 2 1/2 years or so.

The problem seems to be a heart murmur on the right side of my heart and after reading Dave's book it occurs to me that the problem stems from toxins and inflammation. The murmur causes skips in heart beats and subtle to intense "rushing" feelings in my chest. It is not pleasant and it is very energy draining and consuming and feels very serious. The problem generally happens closer to bed time and even more when I lay down to sleep.

I have had an ecco-cardiogram, a stress test and a Holter monitor with no real reported problems (except the cardio gram showed my heart is enlarged).

Recently, I went and saw a Naturopath (because I distrust western medicine) and he found a buildup of uric acid in my body. He prescribed Natrium, a Homeopathic remedy which are tissue salts that aid in eliminating uric acid, Taurine to regulate my heart beat and fish oil. He recommended staying away from red meat as well, but I find interesting hat Dave mentioned in the book that uric acid builds up in he body because of the waste products of certain bacterias being fed too much glucose.

Here are all of the supplements I am taking per day:

6 Natrium

6 Taurine

3 Co-Enzyme Q10

4 New Chapter Whole mega fish oils

4 Innovate Health Krill Oil capsules

1 SISU amnesiac Stearate

Also, I am in the midst of the BP 2 week beginner protocol and am only eating foods in the green ... although I have had some unpasteurized honey 2 times.

If anyone has any ideas, suggestions or resources they can share, I would appreciate it greatly!

Thank you!



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    No disrespect intended, but I don't think any of us here are going to be able to help you. I'm not a doctor, however I'm pretty sure that this notion of "toxins" causing your heart murmur is, uh, BS. Homeopathy is garbage, too. Your distrust of "western medicine", as though every medical procedure or treatment can be summed up under a single demonic umbrella and subsequently dismissed, is misguided. Doctors and health experts get a lot of things wrong, but writing off conventional advice as a whole in favor of someone who's going to put you on homeopathic remedies (for a frigging heart issue, no less), is careless and naive.


    Supplementing to support heart health is probably a good idea for most people. Good on you for being proactive in that regard. But if I got an echo done and my heart was enlarged, I'd be getting with a cardiologist to figure out why, personally. No amount of butter coffee or homeopathic woo is going to fix that up, in my opinion. A lot of people, probably millions, live full, comfortable lives with heart murmurs. It could be nothing, just some quirk. I know my heart sometimes flutters unexpectedly. Everyone's does, to some extent. Heck, some degree of heart enlargement may even be normal, I don't really know. But really, you should be taking a closer look at this. Cardiovascular health is not something I'm personally willing to fuck with.


    If anyone here makes a solid recommendation that fixes the problem, or your homeopathic remedy comes through, please be sure to update this thread to correct me and any other haters that may come out of the woodwork. In the meantime, take responsibility for your health and visit a cardiologist for a more thorough examination. Guys in the "alternative health" world tend to talk a lot of shit about doctors, but if Dave Asprey found out his heart was enlarged, you'd better believe he'd be sitting in a cardiologist's waiting room somewhere, kneading his hands into putty. And rightfully so; getting checked out is the smart thing to do.


    Edit: inb4 "but you just wrote off homeopathy as a whole! Don't be hypocritical!"

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  • Hi Skeletor,

    Thanks for your reply, your perspective and your ideas. I will likely follow up on seeing a cardiologist as it makes sense.

    However, I felt like you misread and read more things into my comment about distrusting western medicine then we're there. I think there are certain things that WM does well and wouldn't have gone for the exams I mentioned if I didn't think so. However, it is true, I don't have a high regard for most western medicinal practices. .. but I don't dismiss that there are exceptions.

    I also am aware that I may be grasping at straws with my observation that it may be toxins and inflammation that are causing the problem, but I have been observing this for 2 1/2 years and nothing seems to explain it. That said, I am not holding fast to that conclusion ... even though it seems to make sense given what I have noticed triggers it.

    My post was also not in any way advocating (or de-advocating) Homeopathy but an attempt to communicate what I am open to and what I am currently experimenting with which includes Homeopathy.and alternative medicine. I find that taking one's health into one'own hands naturally includes experimentation, opening up to new ways of thinking, questioning all current ways of thinking and abandoning what doesn't serve.

    Glad you caught yourself with the wholesale writing off of Homeopathy. :D
  • Hi Everyone,


    I wanted to follow up on this thread in the event that it might help others experiencing the same issues.


    I visited a physician yesterday who found no evidence of a heart murmur and also found my blood pressure was very good! He did say though that he was pretty sure that what I have been experiencing is something called PVC (Premature Ventricular Contractions) ... they are considered benign in a healthy heart.


    He also referred me to get blood work, an ECG and a Holter Monitor done.

    Sometimes doctors prescribe beta blockers to calm the PVCs ... this apparently blocks adrenaline.

    However, I did a little research and two separate doctors are suggesting the following supplements:

    • L-carnitine
    • Coenzyme Q10
    • D-ribose
    • Magnesium


    Fortunately, I am already taking two of those (see above).

  • Your experiences seem similar to my own... heart pounding before or just after lying down to bed.  That part has gotten worse and I am currently seeing a doc for a sudden onset of edema that occured after a few days taking a B-vits supplement that I haven't been able to reverse.  It was the same methylated-Bs that I had already been taking with great results, but from a different manufacturer.  Now I'm thinking there may have been toxins in the formulation that my body is struggling to rid itself of.


    So far, all bloodwork comes back totally normal, I have been scanned for clots (none found), and will be wearing an event monitor for the next week... but I'm going to now research what toxins might have been in that supplement and see if I can get tested.  I have noticed the edema is much better when I take a lot of vit C and some adrenal support.


    Seems like a real rats nest to unravel... good luck to you

  • Did the doctor see the skipped beats on the EKG? What was the name on them?

    The enlargement of the heart. It's related to endurance training or what did the doc say about it?

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    High Uric acid might stem from too little potassium! Was the case for me. You need it for the heart, too.

    I got potassium aspartate (best form) in Bulk from


    Also look into magnesium & calcium as well as l-carnitine.

    Nattokinase was great aswell.


    The functional dosage for me is:


    400 mg magnesium

    1200mg potassium

    800mg calcium


    - the ratio is important here. always keep it 1:3:2.


    Thats what fixed my heart.

  • I started having PVCs more than a year ago, and have been working to see what they are related to. I use a Polar H7 monitor with the Sweetbeat HRV app on my iPhone. Using the Stress monitor option of the program, the skipped beats (PVC) are very easy to see. I tried many dietary and supplement manipulations and did not find any correlation between diet or supplement intake and PVC frequency until recently. For the last many months, I'd have hundreds of PVC per day, sometimes one every three beats for minutes at a time. I was concerned about these PVCs, and in March my Stress Echo-cardiograph showed nothing pathological in my heart structure. On the stress test I reached 13-14 mets, with a peak HR of 167. This seems OK for a 75 yo male. My cardiologist said these PVC are quite common and don't worry about them since my heart structure is OK. I usually walk about 2 miles per day while breathing only through my nose. Every day the PVCs would appear on the Sweetbeat app both while relaxing before walking and during the walk. I had resigned myself to live with the PVC. when I'd feel a skipped beat, I'd see one on the App HR trace, and it became very easy to feel the skipped beat (PVC) and see the skipped beat on the App. I have been drinking one cup of Bulletproof coffee for the last year, usually adding two heaping scoops of Bulletproof Upgraded Collagen Protein. However, a few weeks ago I substituted Great Lakes Gelatin Collagen Hydrolysate and after a day or two the PVCs stopped almost completely! This is very extraordinary! It took ka day or two to realize that the only change had been to switch to the Great Lakes collagen Hydrolysate. I could hardly believe my find, so after a few days of no PVCs I used the Bulletproof Collagen instead of the Great Lakes in my coffee and within a day or two, the PVCs started again. Reverting back to the Great Lakes Collagen Hydrolysate the PVC stopped occurring, except for maybe once per hour or two, sometimes while I'm doing HRV breathing exercises. With Bulletproof Collagen I'd have many per minute doing the same thing. I have no idea what is different between the Bulletproof collagen Protein and the Great Lakes Protein that would cause the PVCs to go away.

    Does anyone have a similar experience of stopping PVCs by substituting Great Lakes Gelatin collagen Hydrolysate for Bulletproof Upgraded Collagen Protein?

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