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Hi, I just wanted to find out what sort of diet you would recommend to someone who is skinny-with fat belly, if they wanted to bulk up. Because, on the outside I look really skinny and I hate it and I have a small belly too, which was from previously trying to bulk, but then not having the time to continue. I am definitely planning on exercising ( gym) around 3 days a week. If anyone has any experience please help!!!


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    Wanna bulk up? Eat more and lift heavy.

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    That really is all there is to it. I had tremendous improvements happen in my work-outs and muscles when I went gluten free and high-fat but then it plateaued. The bitter bottom line is you need to accept extra fat if you want bigger guns. Like Robb Wolf said somewhere: if you're looking to build muscle, there's no way to do it but to feel like you're going to throw up from eating. This is non-verbatim of course.


    Having said that, eating bulletproof or paleo with extra carbs will take you a long way since you're working with your body and not against it. Most amateur builders think calories are calories and cram shit that literally isn't food. No bueno...


    If I were you I'd focus on losing the belly fat first with some heavy lifting and interval burst training. Once you're at a baseline you like, start chugging sweet potatoes and chopping those barbells.

  • The master level seems to be finding that sweet spot where you don't get TOO fat during the bulk. Depending on how big your belly actually got from your last bulk you could have actually been eating a bit too much or not training with sufficient intensity. Probably the latter.

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  • 1) High volume training e.g the more volume you do up until the point you can no longer recover, the more muscle you grow. And high volumes actually mean you dont have to lift super heavy (high intensity), but somewhere between 65%-80% 1RM for 8-12 reps. Every week you should increase volume by adding sets, the weights can go up, but not as much as volume. The more frequently you train, assuming you recovered from your previous training session, the more hypertrophy you get.

    2) Eat a hypercaloric diet with the aim to gain 0,5-1kg of weight per week. Macro composition 1-2g protein/kg, carbs 2-6g/kg, the rest is fat. You can still choose BP foods.

    3) Do this for 4-6 weeks, then take a week to deload (a week of less voluminous training) and star all over.


    Something like this...

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