Detoxification Protocol

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Time to Take Out the Garbage!

The protocol:

6:00am – One pump of Upgraded Glutathione

7:00am – BPC with betaine HCL and digestive enzymes

9:00am – 3g activated charcoal

11:00am – 1tsp bentonite Clay powder

1:00pm - 6g zeolite

3:00pm – BPC with betaine HCL and Digestive Enzymes

5:00pm – 3g activated charcoal

7:00pm – 1tsp bentonite Clay powder

9:00pm – 6g zeolite

10:00pm – 12oz of salt water


Why benaine HCL?

Bile is normally produced by the liver to aid with digestion. Today, we are going to give our liver a break and help it out with this supplement.

Why digestive enzymes?

We are looking to help break down the fat before it gets to our intestines. Look for a supplement high in lipase. Why not give our pancreas a break too?

Why activated charcoal?

Activated charcoal will work to be our bulldozer. At 500 angstroms in pore size, it will take out a lot of stuff in your gut (both good and bad.) It will allow the other detoxifiers to do a better job. A high quality probiotic is recommended following this detox.

Why bentonite clay?

The pores in bentonite clay are approximately 9.5 angstroms in pore size. Bentinite clay has far greater surface area than the activated charcoal it will serve the purpose of collecting smaller particles.

Why zeolite?

The pores in zeolite are approximately 6 angstroms in size, so it is going to bat cleanup. Zeolite comes from volcanic rock and is collected before it reacts with alkaline ground water. If the gastrointestinal tract is clear, zeolite may be able to clean toxins in the blood stream as well. It will bind to heavy minerals in our body so that they may pass through and discontinue damage.

Why these three together?

We need to use minerals that carry a negative charge. Many contaminants in our body, like toxic amino acids, pathogenic bacteria, and heavy metals are positively charged and so we want to use these three minerals to bind them up and get rid of them!

Why the salt water?

It is to prevent constipation. This is not necessary for everyone, and will take a bit of bio-hacking to determine how much salt to use.

Where is the food?

The second layer of this protocol is to promote autophagy. This is a sort of intracellular detoxification in which new cell membranes are created out of the old ones. If you have been keeping a good omega 3 to omega 6 ratio, this portion of the protocol will work especially well for you.

Is it safe to go mountain climbing, run an ultra-marathon, and swim the English Channel while on this protocol?

No. Minimize your physical activity.

How often should I do this?

No more than once per week and only before a carbohydrate re-feed day.

Which supplements should I get?

I have researched this and have concluded that it does not really make a difference. Ultra-premium, acid washed coconut charcoal (ground extra fine) has nearly the same porosity as tree bark, olive pit, or bamboo. Please do not use industrial chemicals that were not intended for human consumption.

Should I stay hydrated on this protocol?

Yes. In fact, go ahead and stay hydrated all the time.


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