Never Fails, Start A Diet, And Then You Have To Go Out To Lunch

A very close friend (I cant turn down, plus I don't want to say no) invited me to lunch,  I feel lost, because this guy usually does sports bars.


Eating nothing and coming back to the office to eat the lunch I brought is not an option.


What and where should we eat?


Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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    When I go out I just try to stick to my keto/low carb diet.  It isn't too hard if you just avoid bread and starches!  The hard part is limiting your sugar.  Hard to know how much is in all their sauces, etc.  You could ask questions about where they get their meat from, but that is almost out of your control.  An example!  I went out for dinner with my mother last week and ordered what is called "road kill" (lol) off their menu.  Was ground steak with cheese, onion, mushrooms.  Ordered steamed veggies as the side instead of fries or a potato.  No bread, No starchy stuff!  You cant really focus too much on worrying about where the food comes from, because if you're looking for grass fed beef you might not find it at a sports bar, lol.  Just gotta do the best you can.  Get some buffalo wings with blue cheese dressing!  When all else fails, get a protein item with a side of vegetables.  To sum it up....the last part is most likely the easiest.  Just stick to the meat and veggie food groups.

  • I would try going somewhere that serves rice and veggies and is gluten free. Chances are good that you won't become instantly fat and die of a heart attack or a Dave Asprey attack.
  • Well you can have a salad or a BP Soup. Main Thing to avoid is Gluten(bread, beer, noodles). You also can check out Sushi which is pretty BD. There is also low carb burgers ata lot of places which is basically burger with salad(great if your cutting carb). that'd be my choices. 

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