First Time On Coffee And Light Headed

Hi, I just started drinking bulletproof coffee.  I don't normally drink coffee or caffeine.  I don't because it doesn't usually settle well, gives me stomach and intestinal distress.  However, after reading up on Bulletproof, thought I'd give it a try to see how my body responds.  The cool news for me is my stomach and intestines tolerated the coffee well, no distress.  However, I feel very light-headed, a bit jittery and head spinny after drinking it, also a bit woozy and low blood pressure feeling, like when I bend over and stand back up straight, feel very light headed. I'm assuming it's because my body's not used to caffeine anymore, but thought I'd see how others have reacted and see if any tips.  


I did try to only lightly brew it to minimize caffeine, and I only used about half a teaspoon of the Brain Octane so that I didn't overdo that to start.  Used full amount of Grassfed Butter (which I have already been eating a fair amount of).


Thanks for any tips or affirmations.  




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    Can't remember the first time I had coffee, but that definitely sounds like possible effects of stimulants like caffeine. 

  • Was the bp coffee all you had consumed that day? I definitely get the jitters/lightheaded feeling from coffee, particularly when I haven't ate.


    If you're not having anything else but your bp coffee in the morning, try having some pink salt and water before the coffee. It's easy to be sodium deficient when you jump into this type of diet, and that'll make you lightheaded quick. 


    How much butter, 1tbsp? I'd definitely work up the amount of c8 and butter as you feel comfortable. The less "food" (including the fat) I have with coffee, the more likely I'll get jittery/lightheaded.


    Overall, I think you're good and it's nothing concerning. Also, the amount of beans used and brew method could play into this too.

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    Too much stuff. You don't have to drink coffee, you know :)

  • Do you get this effect from any other foods?

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