Low And High Histamine Foods

I recently developed some adrenal issues, I think in response to bee venom therapy plus other things that tax the HPA axis (selegiline, modafinil, caffeine). I have Lyme disease and histamines are often an issue for people with Lyme + adrenal issues.

What foods should I focus on, and which should I avoid?  Right now, any potassium or magnesium seems to send me into borderline adrenal crisis (headache, dizziness, heart racing, low blood pressure, labored breathing, greenish urine, kidney pain). I also get this from taking rifampin, an antibiotic for Lyme that is known to stress the adrenals.



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    man, I had burnout and Lymes as well. Get your ass to someone who offers MSAS Bioresonance Therapy, like this:


    I got mine done at themaasclinic.co.uk - Laurens Maas is a Genius in fixing your Adrenals and killing off the lyme. Mine was gone after 1 treatment.

    They do skype consults- get one of those. Tell em all about your probs- the man is a friggin detective.


    I have no sign of ever having lyme in my blood tests now. This method is huge. If it costs a little more- save money. It is worth it.

    It is actually very similar to a Rife-Machine, which dave talked about in respects to his Lyme.

  • Weird, I actually went to my first Biofeedback session last night. The practitioner specializes in Lyme and says Biofeedback is the same as BioResonance. She said my arenals are functioning at 42% and my brain at 48%, which sounds about right. I noticed I slept a bit better last night, insomnia being one of my biggest issues. I may try it again soon..
  • Cool.

    what system are you using?

    Let me be clear. I also took antibiotics to weaken the lyme- and when I had my session, we found about 6 frequencies they responded to, stacking them, them getting weaker each time.

    after about 40 minutes we found all frequencies and blasted them for 3 minutes. after turning off the device and scanning again, lymes was gone. got some colloidal silver imprinted with these frequencies to go.

    blood test a month later revealed: no lyme infection. (which is "impossible" once you have had it.)


    You don't sound confident that your lymes got killed off yet, that is why I am suspicious of your chosen practitioner/ or her equipment. Did she actually do therapy on you?


    My adrenals on the other hand, we fixed with carefully dosed pregnenolone and other supplements, via saliva testing.

    your doc really needs to know what she is doing.

    A great book on that is "The Kalish Method" by Dan Kalish, he was on BP Radio, too.

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