New And Looking For Help!

Hi everyone!

I'm new to the forum, but I've been drinking BPC for about five months now! the idea when j started was to eventually start following the diet and I feel now is the time, however I do have a few issues.

The first: I have school all morning and immediately go to work after, from 7 AM - 7 PM I am constantly busy doing something! This really limits when I can eat, and probably how much as well as what I can too. This really leaves me with only an hour to eat within the 6 hour timeframe. I could try something small and quick, perhaps almonds? I want to try to stick as close to zero for carbs as I possibly can.

The second: some meat just really bores me. Don't get me wrong, I love meat! How do you guys go about eating so much of it without getting bored or sick of it? It's possible the meat that I had tonight just wasn't a good cut, though it was grass fed, or maybe I need to jazz it up with something? Onions? Mushrooms?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, and ideas for on the go snacks that are bulletproof compliant and don't require microwaving is definitely preferred!


  • That's a BIG question. It can be a little overwhelming at first trying to think differently about food and eating but after a while it kind of becomes 2nd nature and you don't need to think to hard.


    Almonds are okay, cashews (organic, raw) are better. You should be pretty careful about too many nuts in general. and be really careful about the quality.

    They are also not zero carbs although they are, in general, mostly fiber.


    One other thing I would say just in careful about extreme carb cutting especially if you need your brain to be working well for school. If you're not careful and do it too quickly you can really feel pretty funky from cutting those carbs too quickly. go slow. 


    some quick meal ideas...


    make yourself a salad the night before with lots of varied veggies. Thai summer rolls with rice wrappers are also easy and you can fill them with lots of good veggies and protein. if you can find some good quality (low sugar) jerky that works well.


    Bone broth is amazing. Making your own is super easy and fairly cheap. I make a "Bulletproof" version with Kerrygold butter, MCT and occasionally a couple egg yolks blended in as well as Himalayan sea salt. You can take a thermos of that for a real quick lunch. I was living on bulletproof coffee and bone broth for months at a time at one point.


    Cut up raw (or lightly steamed) veggies with guacamole dip is perfect.


    As far as the, thats what the internet is for. There are literally millions of recipes out there for whatever kind of protein you want to cook. you'll want to adapt most of them to be Bulletproof but that's generally pretty easy. Learning how to cook meat is an entire book by itself. Probably one of my favorite ways is a braise....long, slow cook with some kind of liquid and veggies. You can use relatively cheap cuts of meat and it will be super tender and flavorful....and Bulletproof if you use the right ingredients.


    Also, just based on what you said about's really not about eating a ton of it. Moderate meat consumption with a LOT of veggies and fats is the goal. This changes of course if you lift heavy or whatever.

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