Anyone Using Actifry?

Looking into getting the Actifry,  for cooking veggies,  and chicken wings.  Saw someone post about it on the Bulletproof FB page.  I'm wondering who else has used this and how they like it?  


It looks like it does a good job,  but also i guess Deep frying would be good too as high fat intake is ok as long as I'm using a healthy fat.  



Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated


  • If your aim is to be as Bulletproof as possible I'm afraid frying (and chicken wings) are both out. Using a high enough heat to actually fry (as opposed to confit or other slower cooking methods) will pretty much always result in oxidization no matter how good the fats you're using. Chicken and in particular chicken fat is high in omega 6s and in general it is really difficult to get truly good, grass fed, organic chicken. 


    deep frying, as a cooking technique is definitely in the "red zone" and even pastured chicken is yellow..


    Bums me out about the wings too but.... 

  • Thanks,  Might just stick to Baking lol

  • Dave recommended the FlavorWave (Halogen Oven) a few times. It is dirt cheap, makes delicious chicken, sweet potato fries, meat balls, soups,... give it a try! It also has a "frying" attachment which is essentially just a steel mesh. use it at 300f and you're golden!

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