Started The Rapid Fat Loss Protocol

Hello Ladies (and any rogue men who might be reading the women's section!) -


I started the RFLP yesterday with the hopes of losing 50 pounds, and I guess I am hoping this is a place where I can just kind of share my daily progress in order to 1) stay accountable for staying on the program and 2) maybe get some support along the way from others on the program, or who have done it, or visa-versa be able to offer support / encouragement to others. I decided to post this in the women's section after seeing some of the negative reactions (mainly by men) on another gal's (Amber?) post about doing the RFLP. The ladies just seemed to be a little nicer and more encouraging.


Anyway, a little background. I am 34 yo and about 5'8''. I have a small frame and have been very very slender my whole life. All through my 20's, I maintained a weight of about 130 pounds, sometimes less. This wasn't something I tried to do. I ate crap. So many carbs and sugar, and fast food. I had one of those metabolisms that everyone was jealous of, where I could eat bowls and bowls of pasta and not gain an ounce! And then all of the sudden, about 3 - 4 years ago, I just started gaining weight, for the first time in my whole life. One change that I made around that time was that I stopped taking birth control after being on it for the better part of a decade. I also went off of Spironolactone, which I had been on for acne. I got really into getting healthy, eating better, etc. which is ironic that is when the weight-gain started!


Here I am now, about 60 pounds later, with the weight-gain not seeming to be slowing! I did do a juice cleanse last year and then transitioned to a low carb diet, and lost about 20 pounds, but put it right back on when I fell off the wagon. I know I likely have all kinds of underlying issues. I have taken SO many courses of antibiotics in my life, for everything from acne to you-name-it. I work too much, eat out too much, sleep too little, don't exercise enough, and on and on.


I am getting married in November, and between seeing how I looked in the engagement pictures, and then having to try on wedding dresses this past weekend... well, I am just extremely motived to get this weight off FAST! So, I am going to try this. My goal is 8 weeks and 50 pounds. I started at 183.5 and am hoping to get back down to 133.5. It is going to be difficult, but I really think I can do it. Once I complete this, my plan is to maintain using the regular Bulletproof diet and the principles from the Better Baby Book - as the baby-making will commence shortly after the wedding :wink:  I'm thinking that should be enough time for my body to recover after this extreme program.


I've searched for other posts on this program with the hopes of reading about other people's experiences, but it seems that a lot of them either don't have much success or end up stopping it, or the posts just kind of trail off without posting the outcome. My plan is not to do that. I plan to keep the updates coming for the entire 8 weeks, with the result hopefully being 50 pounds gone at the end of it!


Just a note on the recommended supplements. I already had most of them, as I had already started a pretty intense supplement regimen after reading the Better Baby Book a couple month ago. I decided to keep up with ALL of them during this program, which is a lot more than is recommended for the RFLP. So, the entire list of what I am taking on this program is: Soil-based Probiotic, Acetyl L-Carnitine, Glutathione Force, Vit C, Vit A, B Complex, B-12 plus Folate, Vit D, Vit E, Vit K2, BCAA's, Omega 3 (fish oil), COQ10, Selenium, Zinc, Alpha Lipoic Acid, NAC, Glutamine, Arginine/Ornithine and Magnesium (Natural Calm). Oh, and the Upgraded Charcoal. Yes, my kitchen counter looks like a pharmacy!


Anyway, here goes. This first week, I will do 7 days of the fat fast and then have my reefed day on Sunday since that is Easter. Luckily it's just my fiancé and I, so I can completely control the menu and will not be tempted with non-BP foods for the reefed! I'm dreaming of it already!



Day 1 - Sunday 3/20/16 - 183.5 pounds

Had large glass of water with some "Real Salt" (I hope that is as good as Himalayan salt!) upon waking.

Went to an appt (where I drank more water) and then had my BP coffee after (around noonish). I did 2 TBs each of butter and Brain Octane. I've had BP coffee before, so I knew I wouldn't get the disaster pants.

Made a little "lemonade" concoction to sip on all afternoon. Just water with a pinch of Real Salt, a squeeze of lemon and about 5 - 7 drops of Stevia (this is ok, right?!)

For "dinner", I couldn't fathom just eating butter. Blech. So, I went to Sprouts and got a couple herbal teas and decided that I will make bulletproof herbal teas for my night meals. So, I had a very tasty Organic caffeine-free Chai Rooibos tea blended with 2 TBs of butter and a few drops of Stevia for dinner.

Later, before bed, I had my mug of hot water with Natural Calm.

Was feeling pretty good all day.


Day 2 - Monday 3/21/16 - 180.5 pounds

3 pounds gone! It's prob just water / glycogens, but whatevs, I'll take it!

I thought I would wake up feeling famished, but I actually did not feel hungry at all.

Drank my glass of salt water and got ready for work

Made and drank my BP coffee about an hour after waking and drinking water.

Made my lemonade concoction from above and bulletproof Chai tea to take to work and packed all my supplements for the day.

I felt very thirsty all day and was just pounding the lemonade and then plain water. I know I generally don't drink enough water, so maybe I'm finally hearing my body's signals now that I'm not distracted by food. Or maybe I was just hungry and needed to put something in my stomach.

I was feeling pretty good most of the day, but hunger and a bit of a headache started creeping in around 4:00. I drank a little bit of my Chai butter tea, and then more water. Drinking the rest of the tea now at almost 8pm as I type this. I will drink my hot water with Natural Calm around 9:00 or 10:00 before bed. My head still hurts.


We'll see what tomorrow brings! Thanks for listening! :smile:



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    I personally don't have a problem with you staying and sharing your progress. It just seems like whenever someone creates a profile and mentions starting the rapid fat loss protocol they rarely make it though the first week and then never come back to the forum. That's probably why most of the people here don't have a positive reply or don't reply at all. Dave recommends eating Bulletproof for 2 weeks and getting a few blood tests done before attempting this. Have you done that?


  • J - thanks for the response! I get it, but I promise I won't be one of those people! :-)  I am pretty committed to this. And, I ordered my wedding dress 2 sizes below my current measurements, so I have some extra motivation. I've read the Bulletproof diet book, the cookbook and the Better Baby Book. I've been eating fairly clean the last couple years - I source raw milk locally from heritage breed cows, participate in butchering our own soy-fee pastured chickens at a local farm, eat mostly grassfed meats / wild caught fish and raise my own chickens for eggs. My problem is that due to my work schedule, I end up eating convenience foods WAY too much the last year and a half or so, and combined with lack of exercise and not enough sleep, it has NOT been good for me!


    As I mentioned, once I get back down to my desired weight, I plan to maintain the Bulletproof lifestyle because I want to be as healthy as possible in order to bear healthy children :-) So, I hope to continue to be an active member of the forum for a long time.


    I admittedly did not do the recommended pre-bloodwork. I partly was afraid my doctor would ask why and discourage me from doing this...

  • Good luck!  This whole thing is about biohacking for yourself.  I'd be interested in following your progress and seeing how it works for you and no shame if you have to tweak it as you go:-)

  • Day 3 - Tuesday 3/22/16 - 179 pounds (down 4.5 total)


    By the time I went to bed last night around 11pm, I had a splitting headache and felt horrible - took some Glutamine, NAC and Arginine / Ornithine before bed and got almost 8 hrs of sleep.

    Awoke feeling like a brand new person! Headache was gone and I felt pretty good / energetic

    Was a little disappointed at having lost only 1.5 pounds as I was hoping for some consistent big losses for the 1st week, but I guess that's still pretty good.

    Pretty much the same routine as yesterday. Though for my dinner tea, I made some green tea with 2 TBs butter and a couple of mint leaves from the backyard (I removed them once the tea was steeped). Green tea and butter make a disappointingly un-tasty combination. I liked the Chai Rooibos soooooo much better. It just compliments the butter flavor in a much nicer way.

    Did 20 min in the sauna after work to help with detoxing - not sure if that's ok to do or not, but I felt ok so thought it wouldn't hurt.

    Overall, felt better today than yesterday. Wasn't as thirsty, but tried to keep drinking water with a little salt all day. Mild headache started in the afternoon again, but never got as bad as yesterday.

    I am hungry and thinking about food a lot. I had to skip a team outing at work (baseball game) because I knew all the alcohol and bad foods would be too tempting. Also, my work keeps fresh organic fruit out all the time, and I have to walk by it every time I go to the restroom (which is a lot with all the water I'm drinking). I wanted so badly to just grab a couple pears and chow down!

    At least I am mostly dreaming of healthy foods - I am going to kill some eggs and sweet potatoes on Sunday!

  • Day 4 - Wednesday 3/23/16 - 177.5 pounds (down 6 total)

    So, shortly after I posted my update last night, disaster pants struck! Well, that wasn't fun! It lasted until this morning and my stomach was just feeling sour all morning. I cut back on the MCT oil in my morning BP coffee, and started taking the digestive enzymes. I didn't think I would need them, but I guess I was wrong. It seemed to have helped, because while I've had a generally not good feeling in my stomach all day, I haven't had to "go" since this morning.

    Followed the normal routine of lots of supplements and drinking water all day. Had my Chai Rooibos butter tea for dinner.

    Overall, feeling ok - just a slight headache today and the sour stomach.

    Still thinking about food. I literally had a dream about eating food last night. And I perused the recipes on the forum a little bit today to see if there was anything tasty I want to make for the re-feed day!

  • Was too tired last night to post my update, so here goes!


    Day 5 - Thursday 3/24/16 - 176.5 pounds (down 7 pounds total)

    Was a little bummed at only being down 1 pound, but at least the scale is still moving in the right direction.

    I do have one confession. The previous night (Weds), I had a small cheat after I posted my status update. I went in the kitchen to make my boiled water for the Natural Calm, and my stomach was feeling so upset and I was feeling a little weak, and so I ate a piece of bread ("Dave's Killer Bread" is the brand) with a generous slather of raw almond butter. The slices are small - only 13 carbs each. I ate it slow and savored it. It was divine, and made me feel a little better. Was a bit upset at myself for not having the willpower not to cheat, but it was a relatively small cheat (except for the gluten!), and it didn't spiral into more cheats or giving up on the program, so I am ok with it.

    Anywho, Thursday, except for the mild stomach upset, I felt pretty good all day. The first day without a headache, so that was good. Also, didn't think about food as much, which is def. good.

    My skin is starting to clear up a bit (acne) and I feel (and think I look) a little less bloated / puffy in general.

    I've been having wild dreams like every night. I usually dream occasionally, but not every night like this. Weird...

    Only a couple more days until re-feed!

  • About the weight loss. Stop weighing in every day. The fast weight loss is mostly stored glycogen and water. Then after that some days you may lose a couple pounds and some days none at all. Rely on the mirror and only weigh in once a week. 

  • dazdaz today is a good day ✭✭✭
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    my personal take on weighing,

    i'm ok with weighing everyday, but for charting a trend, there will be blips, but the trend is what you should be focusing on. 

    & weigh under the exact same circumstances every day, 

    eg. 1st thing every day after toilet visit & no food/liquid intake.

    fake it till you make it

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    Yeah I planned to start doing weekly weigh-ins after this first week :-)  I was down another pound with this morning's weigh-in, so now down 8 pounds total! Woo-hoo! One more day til I get to re-feed. Went to Whole Foods for supplies after work tonight. Thinking of doing eggs and sweet potato hash browns for breakfast, sweet potato noodles with cashew cream sauce and some veggies and ground bison mixed in for lunch, and halibut with green beans and white rice for dinner. Mmmmmm it's going to be so good.

  • I CANNOT figure out how to use that quoting thing! Is it broken?! Anyway, this is in reply to Jason. I have seen your posts on these forums before, so I am well aware that this protocol really pisses you off. I was hoping that you wouldn't comment on my post... that is partly why I am hiding in the women's section. 


    I know this protocol probably isn't for everyone. But I think the BCAA supplementation is supposed to help decrease the muscle loss. And also, I think the reefed days are supposed to help with ensuring you don't totally wreck your metabolism. I don't feel like I am starving, but if I start to feel bad, I can always do 2 re-feed days per week or something, or tweak it in another way. I have heard of people doing fat fasts where they eat more of a variety of fats every day, which would prob help get the calories up if I start to feel like I need to.

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    There are different ways to do IF. You can do the small daily window of eating (6 to 8 hours) OR a couple days of eating clean, BP and every third or fourth day do a 24 hour fast. Throw in a higher calorie day here and there.

    Like Jason mentioned, consistent low calories only slows your metabolism and you lose more muscle than fat. Healthy people want muscle.


    Doing IF where you eat daily and exercise might be better for a fat loss goal. ie Have a BP coffee or two between waking and lunch, eat lunch at 1pm, exercise 5pm, dinner 6pm, done eating for 3 - 4 hours before bed.


    Weigh in no more than once a week. As you put on muscle, muscle weighs more than fat, so the scale can be misleading. A tape measure is a better indicator.

  • Aspen...I hope you continue to report your progress. I will be following your suit after my supplies get here - which is hopefully by next week. I am mentally preparing my mind.

  • Jimmm - I would love to be able to follow your suggested plan, of eating daily (in the afternoon) and working out. The problem is that I am working soooooo much right now - like 70 - 90 hours per week and finding the time to work out (especially daily!!) is extremely difficult. Though that kind of sounds like an excuse, doesn't it?! Plus, I am impatient and don't want to wait for results!


    I plan to continue with this protocol, as I feel ok for now. 1 week down, 7 to go! I really feel like I can do it, though I am questioning if I will lose all 50 pounds this way. Actually, I found out this weekend that my home scale is about 3 pounds off, in my favor! So, I actually need to lose 53 pounds! Eeeek! I guess I will be happy if I lose 30 - 40 pounds in the 8 weeks on this protocol and then I can switch to a more normal bulletproof diet with IF and hopefully continue to lose.


    So, here's the latest update. Going into the re-feed day (Sunday), I was at 174 (9.5 total lost). Eating wasn't as great as I thought it would be as I didn't love the meals I chose (except for dinner - baked halibut with green beans and white rice! So good!), and my stomach was a little upset all day. I also had a few non-BP cheats during the day, which I regret - a string cheese, a few of the small York peppermint patties (they were already in my fridge!), and some ice cream (I know, I know, bad!!). Going to try harder to stick to strictly BP foods on the next re-feed!


    Oh, I did do a little exercise as well. Hiked about 2 miles in the mountains near my house.


    This morning, I was at 177, so I gained 3 pounds, which I think is probably somewhere in the middle of what people normally gain the day after the re-feed. But I think it will probably come off after a day or 2 so I'm not too worried. I would LOVE to be down to at least 169 (in the 160's, which I haven't seen in a long time!) by the next re-feed on Sunday!


    Now that I'm refueled, I kind of feel like I'm starting this for the first time, so I think this week will go pretty well, especially since I only need to fast for 6 days (I did 7 days my first week).


    I am going to do weekly weigh-ins going forward, so I'll check in on Sunday, and hopefully I'll still be going strong and down to 169! :-)

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    Thank you for posting your progress. I am new to BP and very interested in this protocol as I have about 100+ lbs to lose and while I've lost about 30 so far, I've hit a plateau. Time to switch things up.


    I'm curious - I recently started using Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides and found that it helps with my joint aches and pains. Because it's low calorie and high protein (literally just powdered protein with no additives), I wondered if adding it to BP coffee would lessen some of the muscle loss in a fast. 


    Please keep posting your progress! You're making me feel brave enough to dive into this myself.

  • J-rockJ-rock
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    Thank you for posting your progress. I am new to BP and very interested in this protocol as I have about 100+ lbs to lose and while I've lost about 30 so far, I've hit a plateau. Time to switch things up.


    I'm curious - I recently started using Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides and found that it helps with my joint aches and pains. Because it's low calorie and high protein (literally just powdered protein with no additives), I wondered if adding it to BP coffee would lessen some of the muscle loss in a fast. 


    Please keep posting your progress! You're making me feel brave enough to dive into this myself.


    Collagen isn't going to help prevent muscle loss.

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