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Just trying to optimize my monthly budget to see where I can improve on. Do any of you have a neat pre-made excel spreadsheet that works for you? I've had several over the years but very basic ones that were pre-made. I'd like to see what you guys use and how it helps you. Thanks!




  • I maintain a spreadsheet, which not only helps me optimize the budget, and see how much each supplement costs me yearly.

    679$ a year on Colostrum at 12 grams a day - is it worth it? SAMe for undermethylation if I just take 2x200mg a day is 350$ yearly, I will probably ditch it soon. As a comparison butter is 486$ a year.


    But most importantly it is used to keep track of what do I need to reorder when. In one column I paste a deep link to the product page in the shop I buy it from for quick reordering. Whenever I order something, I look what other things I buy at this place to pad the package for free shipping / max in box to reduce shipping cost. I aim to have about half a year of stuff on stock when I reorder something. I take about 50 supplements, spending about 5000$ a year, without the spreadsheet I would be totally lost.


    I also keep in bottom rows any potential supplements I might try in the future.


    I doubt it will be useful for anyone, as its quite complex, with about 50 columns, and it might take you days to figure it out and learn using it, better build a similar one from scratch, personalized for what is important for you. It even includes currency exchange rates, as some supplements are not bought in USD (I live in Europe). I have columns where I try to write why I am taking this at all, should it be taken with food, is it a powder, capsule or other form. A column calculates the latest date I have to reorder so that I don't run out (considering shipping time). However if someone would find such a complex behemoth useful, I can send a copy to E-mail address provided in a private message, in OpenDocument Spreadsheet (.ods) format.

  • I really don`t know how some of you guys spend so much money.
    How can you spend 486$ on butter??!?!?!?

    In germany Kerrygold Butter is between 1,30 to 1,80€
    5000$ for supplements!? I am taking all the good stuff you actually need and it is 30€ a month

    My spreadsheet looks like this:
    I have one for supplements where I write down all the supplements I took and am currently taking
    I write down the cost of said supplements and find out the daily cost (365 pills of vitamin d3 5000IU is 20€, so it is 0,054 per pill)
    The supplements that are too expensive i reevaluate and might cut out, find a cheaper version or just try to take less of it (krill oil for example)

    The other spreadsheet is INCOME only. From the job, the side income etc.

    The next spreadsheet I do twice a year and I write down all the spendings from a month. Gas + Food + whatever came up
    I build an average from that.

    The next spreadsheet is for "fixed expenses or checkpoint expenses" all the stuff that stays the same each month
    This includes, Cellphone, Electricity, Internet, Rent, Gym, Carinsurance
    This is the one where you can save up the most money. Dont go to the 100$ gym if you only need a barbell, check for cheaper internet and electricity, buy an apartment instead of renting and so on.

    I can save up for than 60% of my income (and iam not a big earner yet)

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    I can spend endless amounts of money in supps, food and tools....

    May you be well, may you be happy, may you be healthy, may you be loved.

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