What I Eat Every Day, Need Guidance And Tips

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I have been following the Bulletproof diet for about 6 months now and I have basically refined my mealplan and what I eat since I started. I pretty much eat exactly the same thing every day, execpt that I mix up fish and beef. I need about 3000 kcal a day and since I am training also and want to gain muscle I tend to increase my kcal by about 5 kcal every week.

I would like some tips on what I can change, and also things I could add to my diet. Unfortunately I have lost my Bulletproof diet book so I will have to get a new one.

Here is pretty much what I eat in a day:


Bulletproof Coffee

Butter 100g

Asparagus 100g

Advocado fresh 180g

Advocado frozen dized 125g

Carrot 100g

one 1/4 head of sallad

one 1/2 cucumber

Olives 25g

Protein powder 20g

Bulletproof Collagen 8.5g

Brain Octane Oil 28.6g

Spinash 225g

Chia seeds 20g

Banana 120g (only on training day after workout)

Hemp protein powder 12g

Radish 62g

Pinneapple ~150g

Mix of blueberries and strawberries 100g


With this I either eat 350g cod and 50g salmon


Some kind of grass feed beef, usually around 400g


The rest of my kcal need I fill up with sweet potato, this is usually around 300-400g


Now some questions I have is firstly if there is anything else I could add that would complement the other things? Is there some vitamin or mineral I am missing that I could add in by another kind of food? I would like to lower the amount of Sweet potato if possible and put in some other food that can take some kcals from that.


I am also wondering if my fruit level is good, or if it is to much? What is the general recommendation on how much fructose one can eat in a day?


And lastly I am actually wondering if it matters that I eat pretty much this every single day, and that the only thing I am mixing up is fish or beef. You always hear you should have a "varied" diet. But since I figure I eat healthier then 95% of the population anyway and I include a lot of different vegetables and fruits I should be "covered" (?)


Any inputs and suggestions would be very welcome to improve my diet!


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    Looks good. How do you feel and perform? 

  • Looks good. How do you feel and perform? 


    I have always been extremely low energy my whole life, but I have feelt so much more energy after starting with the diet these six months so it has all been great. I feel very good with this diet, but I am alwyas looking for improvements!


    Before I used to have to go and rest for an hour or more in the bed in the day about 2-4 times a week, sometimes more, sometimes less. But after following this diet it only happens I get that tired about once a month.

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    How you feel is really the primary criteria as long as you don't go to the extremes. I would eat more carbs on training days it seems like you are borderline keto on those days as well (~100-ish carbs), but that isn't necessarily a bad thing, particularly since you feel better eating like this.


    Whether varied diet is optimal or not - noone really knows. People can flourish on all kinds of diets, the only thing is important is that you don't develop any deficiencies. When you vary your diet you get different kinds of nutrients at different levels, which makes sense if you think about it. For example, if you compare white potatoes to sweet potatoes you'll see that they have different nutritional profiles (ironically, white potatoes having a better one), so you can could that. Fructose definitely not too much, you could eat more if you want, it's fine.


    If you have been eating like this for a while, you can begin to vary it - you'll only benefit from different nutrients. In the short term you can eat however you want, though. Long term - noone knows 100%.

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