Artvigil And Frequent Urination @ Night Nocturia

Does anyone else experience this?  

Moda upsets my gut so I take artvigil instead. Not often, but when I notice that it's also impacting my ability to fully evacuate my bladder. I do have an acute bacterial infection there, so urination is already more than normal, day and night, but on the days I take artvigil, the nighttime urination is significantly increased. Last time was almost 20x before I could fall asleep.  My NMD doctor believes this is one of its cholinergic properties, a side effect.  Anyone else experience this? Any solutions?


  • WalterWalter ✭✭✭

    Yes armodafinil can have a diuretic effect. 20 times seems extreme though. 


    I never had issues with nighttime urination but during the day I found it is less diuretic when taken with a big meal or a smaller dose (why take a normal dose if the higher concentration will just make you piss more). Not adding caffeine or another stimulant in the mix might also help.

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