Blood Test Results - Please Help!

Hi everyone, 

I am 28 years old, 89 kilos heavy , 181cm high. 


I made a blood test and need ur expertise:



ERY 4,9

HB 15,4

HKT 42

MCV 87

MVH 32


RDW 12,4


KREA 1,0

NA 139

K 4,1


CHOL 298

GGT37 79

TSH-B 1,52

FE 146

GOT37 29

GOT37 39

HST 24

VITD3 56,7

GFR-M > 90ml/m...

TESTO 5,65

ZN 0,8

CU 95

VitK 0,42


I really dont cant decifrate most of this- thanks for helping me out! But I noticed: D is alwright, Testosterone might be very low?


  • Units and lab reference ranges would be helpful. 5.65 of what? It can't possibly be ng/dl.



    Copper value makes sense in Âµg/dl, Zinc doesn't. This is serum, not RBC I assume?


    Your potassium (K) is a bit low, aim for 4.2-4.5. Eat more veggies, or maybe supplement.


    That vitamin K is K1? Should be in range 400-1200 ng/l, no idea what are your units.


    Some values are not common abbreviations, so full name of the parameter would be helpful.

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    You would be best to talk these test results through with a functional medicine clinician or practitioner.

    Blood tests cannot be taken out of context - and knowledge of your circumstances and lifestyle are key.

    In the US - offer this. In the UK/Europe - offers this service via remote consultation. Both are not expensive.

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