A Lot Of Foods Give Me Loose Stools, Diarrhea, Sometimes Explosive



  • I've read that dragon fruit enzyme helps remove heavy metals, which can cause diarrhea. Maybe try a spirulina or chlorella supp?


    Well, I am doing Andy Cutler protocol to remove mercury, with DMSA and ALA.


    But I have the impression that this is about something else. Usually I don't get to the point where it can be called diarrhea. Its just that certain foods (like coffee, olive oil, beef fat, but not butter) make my transit time much faster, and then a bowel movement happens before the colon had the chance to absorb the water. And sadly probably before food was digested and nutrients where absorbed, as when I have these mushy stools they are much larger too, with what seems like some undigested food. 


    Currently trying to start taking inositol supplement (for OCD) without it giving me loose stools, and I took 500 mg and the next day I got 2 bowel movements in a row within 1 hour - first one firm, and then a second one loose.

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    First thought was problems digesting fat....then read your post about large amounts of butter being no problem and hcl, olive oil, and fatty meat making it worse.


    Maybe read up on the Tim Ferris/Charles Poliquin high dose glutamine protocol for gut healing?


    Maybe read up on the Tim Ferris/Charles Poliquin high dose glutamine protocol for gut healing?


    I am taking about 10g L-Glutamine a day for about half a year already, I don't think it made any improvement.


    I think the problem might be, that certain foods trigger preemptive emptying of my bowel. It often happens I have a strong urge to have a bowel movement about half an hour after having trigger foods, and when that happens I have to urgently go to the toilet, and then the bowel movement releases a huge stool, with varying degrees of mushiness. The stool was so large, that it curled a few times around the toilet bowl, and made a lump which was I guess around 1 liter in volume, of light-orange-shade-of-brown colored ball (color of pumpkin soup exactly, but I didn't eat any pumpkin, but sweet potatoes of flesh of that color too). I am guessing the sweet potato wasn't digested very well. 


    Today the trigger food which caused that was alcohol-free Milk Thistle extract in glycerin, I took 2 ml of it, so its 2 ml of glycerin. Often it was coffee, olive oil, even salt.


    But this isn't actually too bad, because sometimes instead of the huge soft stool, I have liquid of consistency of blended pumpkin soup pouring out, or even liquid of consistency of orange juice. When that happens it takes over a week to get things back to normal. But that only happens if I eat things I didn't cook myself, like in restaurants. If I only eat what I cook myself, that doesn't happen.

  • I've suffered this as well for years. I have never been able to figure it out and most doctors have also just hocked it up to IBS. The strangest part is that when I have done juicing diets or went on huge health binges, my stomach always gets worse. I also have a very hard time with bloating....which my doctor actually said is 'physical extension' and not bloating due to how much it actually extends. I've done food allergy tests and nothing came back. It's about time I see a gastrointestinal I think. I'd probably recommend the same for you. I imagine they'd be able to find what the problem is....well I'm hoping so anyway :(

  • Though testing different foods I am coming to the conclusion it is a combination of two independent issues:


    1) Fat malabsorption, which somehow doesn't apply to butter, but I can't digest any other fat. Butter is also not very well digested as the stools are yellow and not brown, but at least it doesn't give me diarrhea like other fats. No idea why, would like to shed some light on it, why butter is exempt from causing diarrhea?


    2) Extreme sensitivity to all polyols, including glycerin (glycerol), which I recently realized is a polyol. And glycerin is in all softgels (usually says gelatin, glycerin, water), and I take lots of these. Small amount in each, but it adds up. Inositol is a polyol too, and 700mg inositol gives me explosive diarrhea in 2 hours, completely liquid water coming out of a bowel movement. Milk thistle non-alcoholic extract was also in glycerin, and gave me the same effect. So inositol, glycerin, and many vegetables have polyols too. I seem to be not so sensitive to other FODMAPs, just polyols. Also Jarrow sublingual methylocobalamin has xylitol in it, a small amount, but for me it was enough, I realized a few days ago that I was reacting to it! And I was taking it daily, no wonder I had loose stools all the time.


    Recently I avoided any other fat then butter, I took 500mg Ox bile with my butter, I stopped taking all softgels and sublinguals, any anything else that might contain polyols, and today for the first time since a long time I had a formed stool!


    For the fat problem ox bile seems to work, but the polyol problem is worse - I need to take some softgels, like vitamin E, I want to start Neuroprotek (which comes in a softgel), and inositol (for OCD), but I can't tolerate even these small polyol amounts. Nevermind the sublingual methylocobalamin.


    How can I increase my polyol tolerance?

  • Have you considered the emotional aspect? Are you stressed? Do you carry out a stressful job? Do you suppress feelings (we all tend to).

    Check out Dr Sarno's book Mindbody Prescription.


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