Raw Coconut Butter

Can you use raw coconut butter instead of butter in a bullet coffee?


  •  I do, 


    I use coconut butter in everything .   Its literally 25 grams of fat per serving.  Nothings higher that i've found yet .  Except MCT oil. 

    I put both in.   I also make smoothies with avocados and coconut butter .  

     Of course GF meat too, but ya cant put that in coffee !   LOL  

  • Perfect! So here's my question if you don't mmd me asking. I was listening to the bulletproof podcast and he said you have the coffee because it doesn't stimulate other digestive pathways (ex. Carbs) but coconut butter has carbs in it. Thoughts? You think it's still okay to use, it doesn't defeat the point of bulletproof?
  •  so many factors to account for.


     Your weight ?

    Your daily diet ?

    Your objective ? 



    Do what works best for you within rational BF guidelines....(paleo ,ketogenic )   wat ever ya wanna call it . 

    Your mind and body will be the best barometer you can go by..

    example,  for me  BF with no carbs was Not a good thing in my case.   Ive been trying to gain weight not lose it like most who seek out 'so called "Diets"

    For you, losing weight might be your motive ?   Not mine.

    I prefer sweet potatoes, red potatoes and white rice,  when it comes to carb intake. 

     And I double the protein and fat intake if / when possible .


    For one losing weight,  less carbs / starches would be recommended .     


  • ps....A few years ago ,  when i started this whole BF/ paleo diet thing,

      I really enjoyed being in ketosis... ( when your body runs mostly on fat ),  but my body weight would have diminished me to a anorexic type   .  

    I get slack for being skinny as it is.....lol  

    I'd love to be in ketosis all the time,, but i just cant do it.......Im looking to gain weight.....not possible when all your doing is burning fat all day long.

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