Best Hemp Protein/seeds?

I'm thinking about picking up some hemp protein or hemp seeds for some variety.  I haven't had any in a year or so, and I'm curious to try it in some shakes / random foods.  More so for the taste and variety than for the nutrition.


It looks like Nutiva / Navitas / Manitoba Harvest are among the largest options, although I'm also seeing a ton of smaller brands.  With hemp being high in polyunsaturated fats and the protein being a sort of highly-processed polyunsaturated fat-rich powder with lots of surface area, it seems like freshness and processing / storage conditions are fairly important.


With the protein, I'm not sure if it would make more sense to get it with more fiber (eg. hemp pro fiber) or with more protein (eg. hemp pro 70.)


Are there any recommendations for hemp protein/seeds?



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    For the taste.. ? Really.. ? Haha just playing. I've used Nutiva (organic version) in the past and would recommend it. It is also fairly affordable if you buy it in the large clear bags and freeze it.


    If you want the best quality available I'd look into one of the smaller operations but with that normally comes a high price increase and I would still say Nutiva and Manitoba Harvest is the best in terms of price / quality ratio.


    I guess how much fibre you want would depend on your digestive state. If you have digestive problems every now and then I would skip the higher fibre one. On the other hand the higher fibre version would be less processed.

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    This'll sound careless, but when I buy hemp seeds I don't pay much attention to the brand. I aim for organic and leave it at that. The Nutiva ones are fine, and I've had no problem with a handful of other, cheaper brands, either.

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  • Isnt there a mold problem with hemp protein or am i being a fool

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  • There is a mold problem with anything if the supplier is lax on quality control.

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