Best Bp Way To Consume Butter?

Butter is delicious in the non-BP world (i.e. on bread lol), but what is everyone's favorite way to consume it BP way?


I understand a lot of folks add it to their coffee, but I do not drink cofee. Tastiest BP way by far I found so far is on Paleo almond bread but it is pretty expensive and not available everywhere.

Tried just eating it straight, by itself, and it is not bad, but surely there gotta be a better way?


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    Butter+organic potatoes or yams is the absolute best. The bulletproofness of white potatoes may be contested by some, but there's nothing like multi-colored fingerling potatoes roasted with butter. Great on steamed broccoli, drizzled on sauteed asparagus or on basmati rice, too.

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  • I have it straight fairly often.

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    I love it on everything and straight up as well. We also blend up steamed cauliflower like faux mashed potatoes and I pile it on. Put is on steak too. Mmmm

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    The best BP way to consume butter is orally. :) I put it in my coffee, on mashed cauliflower, steamed veggies, and I cook with it.

  • The best way to grub butter is simply to cut and eat it like in the cheese days. Preferably with extra salt on it.

  • One thing I tried today is mixing butter with cocoa powder. I liked the result - think lovers of dark chocolate might appreciate it.

  • When I make rice I dress it with a couple spoons of Brain Octane in there, and some butter as well. It's so good! Straight is also good.. salted butter. It makes a nice dip for chocolate, too. 

  • Butter on everything is a start

    my favorite snack (measures are approximate):

    • couple tblsp GF butter
    • tblsp MTC
    • heaped tsp BP choc powder
    • 1 tsp grass fed collagen
    • tblsp organic cashew paste
      mash up in small bowel/cup while butter is still cool to get best texture and taste... (if butter is too soft it is a bit runny and not so fudge-like :-P and somehow the taste is not so yum) you can shave in some 85% lindt for tad of sweet and texture but I find the good quality ingredients are sweet enough.

    on protein fast days

    • 2 tblsp GF butter
    • 1 small tsp BP choc powder (yes has bit of protein in it)
    • 1/8 tsp raw honey
      melt butter in small bowel/cup placed in hot water for about 1 minute only!! butter should be hardly melted - remove from hot water add choc and honey stir up with spoon till yogurty-like consistency.

    • black olives and butter is yum too...

  • Easiet way next to BPC and eating straight is mixed into scrambled eggs.
    Melt 3 tablespoons and drop 2-3 eggs salt to seasoning. The eggs cooking retain most of the fat like a cake would.

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    another pov on butter (& other fats) consumed along with starchy carbs;

    fake it till you make it

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