Timing Of Bp Coffee And Fasting

Hi, thought I'd post after lurking for a while. Just starting on BP coffee and intermittent fasting, while I have a week's break from work. 


My main question is - how long would you expect the BP coffee to keep you going from waking until you need to eat? I normally rise about 0430, have a low-carb breakfast by 0500, start work at 0700, get a 15 minute break at 1000, then an hour lunch between 12 and 1. 

I tried BP coffee a year or so back and really struggled with hunger later in the morning. I need to not eat before 12 to achieve an 18 hour fast.

Also, how long do you take to consume the coffee? Do you drink it over the morning. or just as you would a regular brew?

Finally, would I break the fast by having another BP coffee later in the morning, to banish the hunger?


Cheers in advance




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