Cycling Coffee / Adaptogens / Managing Stress. Keeping The Magic + Energy Flowing

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I seem to have reached a point where my several cups of strong black coffee might as well be a small amount of relaxing herbal chamomile tea, having crossed some threshold through over-training / too much IF / low carbohydrates / not enough sleep into a much less energetic and lesser focused state.


I'm considering dialing back my coffee habit from 4-5 cups to 1-2 cups, skipping coffee on the weekends (maybe after a 2wk break), alternating resistance (higher calorie) + rest days (lower calorie), and maybe avoiding a caloric deficit / exercise through the weekend.  I'm thinking some sort of adaptogen might be useful (maybe on the weekends when I'm not drinking coffee?) or maybe something like Uridine (+ phospholipids / choline + fish oil ?)


I find L-theanine overly relaxing, although I'm curious if long term combination with my coffee might help to guard against developing this caffeine tolerance / burn-out, and perhaps some tolerance will build against the zoning-out nature of L-theanine.


In the past, I've used Aged Korean Ginseng, Gelatinized Maca, Ashwagandha, Bacopa, CDP-Choline, Phosphatidylserine, and Alpha GPC (usually one at a time with large gaps of time between them.)  These are all pretty relaxing and not very energy-promoting for me.  I also supplement with Iodine (1 drop of detoxadine.)


What are some good approaches + supplements for preventing against this sort of fatigue, keeping coffee + IF + low-carb eating effective and energy-promoting, and improving the speed of rest + recovery ?


  • For people who hit the burn-out feeling from coffee the only reasonable course of action is to drop it altogether or dial down to one cup or whatever amount that doesn't cause a crash later in the day.


    I remember the days when bulletproof coffee was like ritalin for me for the whole day. This was after a decade of being laggingly reliant on coffee consumption that gave me the jitters and only caused crashes after a work day. 


    I don't think it is silly to talk about "clean" and "dirty" energy. A person on coffee is blocking adenosine receptors and releasing calcium from cells. He is a souped up engine no matter how you look at it. Overdo it just a tad and you are leaking efficiency from some other end. Some people handle it very well and others don't, at least after a while.


    Many people seem to do better with uridine when coffee is cancelled. 


    My first cycling of ashwagandha powder promoted amazing energy without jitters. I haven't been able to reproduce these effects this time around. Back then I did a teaspoon a day and started feeling it about ten days in. Now I upped it to a tablespoon and it seems like it's having a sedating effect on me. Bell curve scenario is probable. 


    With IF it's important to make sure one isn't over-producing cortisol. Under the wrong circumstances fasting becomes a negative-only stressor. Make sure you are good at burning fat.


    Other simple tips are: get a deload period from working and exercising, sleep in several days, go to bed before eleven the majority of  days in the week, get a sauna bath, swim (it's like yoga in baby water in terms of muscle and lymphatic system activation despite the chlorine conundrum)

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    Get a full nute and hormone panel done to see where your at


    Rhodiola is AWESOME!

  • You don't say? What effects are you getting from rhodiola and how long did it take before they appeared? :)

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