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I'm new in this forum. I have been gluten-free/Paleo/Bulletproof for more than I year now and I feel amazing.

I started practicing Krav Maga last September and I love it, but almost every week I get some big bruises or aching muscles. I won't take pain killers or anti-inflamatory medicine, so  I found a few things that really help and I wanted to share with you all:


1) For sore hands: I put ice and water in a bowl with 3 drops of rosemary, 2 drops of lavender and 1 drop of geranium ess. oils and leave my hands there as much as I can. 

2) homoeopathic arnica pellets (30c), taken as soon as possible and every 3-4 hours

3) epsom salts hot baths

4) KT tape. This is amazing and there are plenty of videos in youtube on how to use it.


I also put collagen in my BP coffee every morning and take more glutathione if I am healing.



last week I got hit several times in my forearm (defense agains a knife) and I got a really bad bruise and I almost couldn't move my hand for two days.

The inflammation is almost gone now but I feel a couple of bumps that hurt when I touch them and I don't know what to do about them.


Anyone here have some advice for those? Or advice in general about how to treat injuries, what supplements are good for recovery, healing, etc.?


Thank you 


  • I'm sparring six days a week, I've got bruises on my bruises. ;-)


    Other things you didn't mention, fish oil, WPI, Systemic Enzyme, Vitamin C. 

  • I've been practicing Krav for about 6 months now. If you tape (you should) try to use longer tape and run it down your forearms a bit so that when you are practicing blocks (knife and otherwise) and breaking from holds that you have some protection. I generally come away with some bruises although sometimes I will ask my training buds to go partial strength to save my skin while still building the muscle memory of the movements. Of course full or close to full strength training is necessary preparation but get your needs met too!

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  • I'm sparring six days a week, I've got bruises on my bruises. :wink:


    Other things you didn't mention, fish oil, WPI, Systemic Enzyme, Vitamin C. 


    what is WPI and Systemic Enzyme?


    I also found a yogi tea called "muscle recovery" that has green tea, turmeric and other herbs. I don't know if that helps but tastes nice ;-)

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    Even with light sparring, when I only get bruises and no swelling I consider myself lucky. Swelling sometimes gets me worried, though it usually goes away in a few days. Is WPC not as useful as WPI for bruises?

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