Research Links

Hey bulletproof hivemind-


Does anybody have some mycotoxin research links handy? A friend asked for sources and I don't have the time to dive through the footnotes of Dave's posts in order to find what I am looking for. Anything connecting them to heart issues and obesity would be awesome. And anything connecting fat cells to toxin storage would also be helpful. My argument was basically, well...I read about this a few years ago and then implemented a low toxin diet and lost 50 lbs while gaining energy and intelligence, but apparently my n=1 isn't convincing enough. XD


Thanks in advance! 

"Most women in our culture, then, are disordered when it comes to issues of self-worth, self-entitlement, self-nourishment, and comfort with their own bodies; eating disorders, far from being ‘bizarre’ and anomalous, are utterly continuous with a dominant element of the experience of being female in this culture."— Susan Bordo 




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