What Is The Weakest Coffee That Still Tastes Good?

As coffee gives me loose stools (sometimes immediate bowel movement while drinking coffee), I want to try drinking Bulletproof Coffee really weak, i.e. lowest amount beans, while still putting lots of butter in it.


I use 6 tbsp of butter (85g = 3oz = 6 tablespoons), but no coconut/MCT oil (these give me loose stools too). Butter doesn't, I can eat that much butter alone and nothing happens.


If I use 3 cups of water, and 6 tbsp butter, what is the least amount of coffee beans I should grind, to make it taste like coffee, and not like water with butter? I use drip method.


Normally its recommended to use 60 grams per liter, that would be 45 grams for 3 cups, way too much caffeine. I can of course try different strengths, use 25, 20, 18, 15, 12, 11, 10 grams of coffee (per 3 cups of water = 750 ml), but maybe already someone did this, a knows the sweet spot? Weak coffee, but still tastes good, how low can I reasonably go?


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    If you can't tolerate coffee (I'm skeptical of this), why would you go through all this trouble to end up simply drinking butter?


    What exactly do you want to do? Start tolerating coffee? The reason BP coffee exists is because Dave likes coffee, and he 'upgraded' it with MCT/butter. The "magic" is that caffeine has proven benefits, butter is to support his keto diet, and MCT is for the brain.


    You could try decaf as well - ugpradedself.com sells it as well. Otherwise I'm not sure why you'd want to go through all the trouble.


    Coffee does stimulate bowel movements, though.

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