80-20 Pregnancy Supps/foods/?

I'm gonna be an uncle again!


Recently learned my lil bro is gonna have a baby


I have a copy of Dave's newer book on the bproof diet which I'm going to give to him and his gf, and I ordered his better baby book...I'm not sure if the latter has any unique info that the former doesn't?


Until I get that...was just hoping to cover the most important parts ASAP as the baby is not going to take a pause!


Being a babyless bachelor this is one thing I'm not really up to speed on


My understanding on the most important points, other than the general, base bproof diet is:


-No folic acid as is commonly recommended...use real methylfolate. Unsure of dose


-Extra epa/dha with a higher ratio of dha for uber baby brain development. Unsure of dose


I skimmed over this section of the forum looking for relevant threads and read quite a few (thanks to all the contributors) but didn't find any main threads or outside blog posts by Dave going over this (which I'm sure there are, I found it strange I didn't find any)


Any other recommendations on anything related, including any common mistakes/myths to avoid...is greatly appreciated.


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    Mum should have good Vit D levels.

    Well everyone should, but probably more important for mum.

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    If the mother can keep things down, just make sure she eats a well-rounded diet packed with whole foods. Minimize the junk and load up on quality meats and veg. Dunno about the supplements; a good prenatal may be in order, but a lot of them have the same problem that many multis do.

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    Thanks guys


    One other specific I was wondering about considering how huge of a role it plays in brain development is dosage of omega 3's.


    Specifically thinking of using krill oil but reading an article at http://fixyourgut.com/octobers-guest-blog-post-thatstevenbaker-on-the-importance-of-krill-oil/ this makes it look like the general 1g recommended dose is good for anyone getting at least SOME via diet, but if not it should be upped to 2g/day.


    That said, how much more would a baby (still in the womb) need on top of these amounts that the mother was using herself? And how would that change once he or she is born?

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