Instant Coffee

Yes, i understand that some coffee lovers may get offended from the very mention of it.... But I was wondering if there were any real downsides to using instant coffee to beans or granules?

I used to drink a nasty 'own brand' instant coffee that i drank with milk and artificial sweeteners (never realised how horrible it tasted until i had it black when i ran out, lol.) But thankfully i started reading the blogs here and decided to swap for a better brand. That in its self was a revelation to me, coffee that actually tasted nice without milk or sweetener! :o

Now i use it for my butter coffee each morning (and actually really enjoy it) But i noticed the other day that i can also buy this coffee as a pack of ground beans and just wanted to know if it was worth 'upgrading' again :lol:



  • I think the issue with "instant" coffee over regular coffee is probably like grass fed liver vs. mcdonalds hamburger. The beans are probably selected for the instant, because they were not good enough for other coffees, and then processed in large quantities. Plus, with beans, you get just coffee, and you don't need the extra junk to enhance flavor and/or make it dissolve in hot water. I also believe that there are some antioxidant properties of coffee, but don't imagine that would remain with the processing to make instant.
  • Hmmm, yeah i could see those points being true.

    A few brands sell there instant coffee by saying they use the same beans as their regular coffee but that may not be true when it comes to their quality.

    But ignoring that. I dont think that instant coffee has any 'extra' ingrediants in it does it? :?
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