Is Balsamic Vinegar Bulletproof?

In a purist bulletproof world, would balsamic vinegar be allowed since it contains sugar? I mostly use ACV for vinaigrettes, but balsamic is good to mix things up.


  • im pretty sure ACV has some sugar too

    i would not worry about the sugar, they say vinegar is good for you

  • From a bp perspective, balsamic is supposed to be the absolute worst vinegar of all vinegars.


  • why

  • zero33zero33 Thinks plants have feelings.
    from Upraded Chef: "Dave says: vinegar is a problematic food because the fermentation process often includes significant mold toxins. Red wine vinegar and balsamic are some of the more toxic ones. The good thing is that apple cider vinegar (ACV) tends to be very low in toxins and won’t inflame fungal infections the way other vinegars can. I use it exclusively, and it substitutes well for sweeter vinegars if you add something sweet to it like erythritol or even honey."

    Coder/Shaper who thinks this is his blog:

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