Supplement Stack Cleanse: D-Limonene - Keep It Or Ditch It?

I am taking over 50 different supplements, so from time to time I'm looking which ones can I ditch, to keep the number of supplements, and yearly costs reasonable.


The list of things I am considering to ditch it quite short, and one of them is D-Limonene. It costs me only 38 USD a year, so its not gonna make a big difference, but is it worth it?


I read that its mostly used against GERD, and I don't have GERD any more (long before I started taking D-Limonene). I only have loose stools, which i the reason it was recommended to me, but I don't think it makes any difference. says it has some anti-cancer and liver health benefits.


Is there anything measurable that I can track to see if it changes anything in my body? 


Is it worth to keep it, or better spend the 38 dollars on extra butter? Just kidding, financially the cost is negligible in the overall cost of my stack and diet, but why keep taking things with questionable benefit?

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