Reactive Hypoglycemia

Been to the doctor a bunch of time. Ive been pre diabetic for over a year and my fasting blood glucose levels are in normal levels.


I'm 99.9 percent i diagnsoed whats wrong with me. It's called reactive hypoglycemia. The opposite of hypoglycemia. Reactive is when you eat you get low blood sugar symptoms so i get faint, feel slightly dizzy, weird, hot flashes, ect. It used to just happen once in awhile when i drank coffee I would feel funky and sometimes when I ate carbohydrates. Now it's happening almost every meal even when I eat broccoli and grass fed beef or bison. I don't know what the hell is going on. The worse part is the one meal it didn't happen was when i ate a bunch of crap from taco bell but when I eat broccoli and cauliflower it gets triggered.


Also I have struggled with food addictions. i go one binges where i over eat everything in site and all the wrong foods for weeks and gain pounds and than get so disgusted i go on diet for week and go back to binging. Its disgusting. Iv'e been doing pretty good lately i have done some binges but the last 2 years have been the best ever i think. The last 5 weeks I've been low carb eating veggies grass fed beef, brain octane, tons of coconut oil and about a week ago is when it happened to start full time. I think it's crazy I've been doing the right thing with foods and this is when it's worse. Could it be possible low carb is screwing me? Iv'e been doing under 30-50 carbs for about 5-7 weeks now.


Not sure what to do. Not sure if this is from some peptides, or sarms I have done? Or maybe from my heavy caffeine intake over the year and experiment with some nootropics? Anyone with some wisdom would be greatly appreciated.


I tried cinnamon today and that didn't really help i actually felt worse. Maybe its lowering my blood sugar even more or maybe my symptoms just getting worse. I have chromium on the way to see if that helps. I think I have to cut caffeine out which for me it's hard for me to even move without caffeine.


Side note. I spent 2 weeks at my girlfriends and when I went back to my room there was a lemon completely covered in mold. Most I've ever seen. It was probably brewing in my room for a week plus. I through it out but is this going to make my health even worse? Anything I can do? Now the spores have infected my room forever im assuming?


really in a low place right now. I will stay strong and will figure it out. Life always give's you tests on your way to greatness.




    This guy is underweight and i'm overweight. Once again I would feel some symptoms occasionally mostly after coffee and sometimes high carb meals i believe but this was rare.


    Now it's all the time. reading the forum post above makes me think my low carb diet could be whats effecting me wrong? Ive done it in the past with great success. 2.5 years ago i did it for 1 month and lost 40lbs. This time around I've done it for 6 weeks or so and only have lost 5 while probably eating healthier, more veggies, more grass fed meat and tons of coconut oil, and brane octane oil.

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    This may be something to check out.  Dr Blaylock does work in reactive hypoglycemia. Also check out  This is something that is of interest to me so I thought I'd check the forums to see what info, if any, there was.  I'm still researching so don't have a lot to add at this time.  Wishing you the best.

  • I know it would be hard, but try giving up caffeine. For some people, it can wreck havoc on your blood sugar levels. I had to give it up years ago after being diagnosed with severe hypoglycemia. I went two years without even doing decaf or black tea (only naturally uncaffeinated herbal tea). After detoxing, I can now do decaf. It really helped my hypoglycemia so it's something you may want to try.

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