Advice For A 2 Week Protocol To Increases Energy, And Wakefulness.

Hey everyone,


this place is great. I have been eating some what bulletproof for the last year or so. Recently I have given up drinking. One of the main things I found drink helped me with is with was energy levels when going to festivals, however, I want to try go to a festival in a fortnight and not drink at it. However, I know that in order to be able to enjoy it, I need to seriously increase my daily levels of energy.


I am try to get up at 7am these days, but I find I am generally tired enough even after coffee (kind of irritated behind the eyes, and 'stuffy' kind dull headache) for the most of the morning. I might pick up a bit then, but get a lull around 4pm. However then around 6pm I get more awake, I'm probably my most awake feeling then, which I find annoying, as I try to be asleep by 11pm these days.


I eat a good breakfast, generally oats, fruit and nuts, with organic milk. I have lunch at 1pm, always whole foods. I then I have a large dinner at around 6 / 7pm, good serving of salmon, or Irish steak / beef, or free range chicken, along with a potato, and a good helping of various veg. 


My supplements are pretty basic, cod liver oil, magnesium, vitamin d, pretty much the 'basic BF protocol' - I will hopefully add iodine, and jarrows b12 sub-lingual soon.


The one thing I do not really do at the moment is cardio, or lift weights, I try to get out for a brisk walk in the mornings for 20 mins, but thats about it.


I don't think I sleep deeply at all. I had an awful problem for the last 8 years, where I would wake a least two times a night and go to the toilet. I got myself checked for any physical problems with this issue, and told there was none. It was just down to discipline. So only recently have I been getting results, where I will just about make it to the morning, with a pretty full 'feeling' bladder, though it generally is a large amount of fluid that I dispense.


My theory with my light sleeping is that, my body is accustomed to waking multiple times a night to go to the toilet, and it continues to do this, even if I have resigned myself not to get up and go to the toiled. 


I definitely wake, at least 5 / 8 times a night, I can't remember the last time I just slept the whole way through the night, unless I was passed our, or took a sleeping tablet. (which I do very rarely)


The problem is, I do not feel refreshed in the mornings, after my sleep, nor do I feel my energy levels are where they should be, or where I would like them


My question to ye wonderful people here is, what would be a fairly intense / bootcamp protocol to follow in the next two weeks to help me attain a large jump in my daily energy levels.


Do you think my problem area is mostly sleep? Or is it a combined issue, where a stricter BF diet, along with more exercise could be key?


I used to party quite hard for a long time also, and sometimes I wonder are my adrenals bunched from that?


Many thanks in advanced for your advice, and tips.




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