Omega-3 In Morning Or Evening?

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I'm curious if it would be better in theory to consume omega-3 at the end of the day or with a meal (to promote better sleep and storage of the omega-3?), or if the timing doesn't matter too much.  If I consume the omega-3 in the morning while I've been fasting for 16-18hrs it seems like there would be a tendency to oxidize it for fuel rather than do some brainy stuff with it... yet, I like the idea of a potential nootropic-like boost from it stacked with morning coffee+choline+ALCAR.



  • I take 1,000 mg of DHA everyday and I find it a little bit stimulating, so I take it in the morning.

  • I find it a bit stimulating as well....unless that's in my head. I like to think it energizes me though :)

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    Never really paid much attention to acute effects...but I just got to the part in Dave's book where he mentioned taking it with the last meal/pre bed to help with sleep


    It's interesting it would have an acute effect either way at any particular time...this makes me ask the question:


    If it's acutely felt when taken, does that mean one or more of its positive effects are not being enjoyed 24/7 and if so, should it be dosed multiple times a day vs all at once?

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