Whats Is Wrong With My Bp Diet?

Hi everyone,


I have been on Bulletproof diet for around 4-5 weeks. I was feeling extremely amazing first two weeks when i started Bulletproof program. Unfortunately suddenly i started feeling crap like before, waking up around 4-5 am, feeling groggy and tired in the morning, feeling even stresses for no reason during the day. Just to let you know when i started my Bulletproof diet i was not drinking BP. I introduced BP to my diet around 1-2 weeks, i was making this using super good quality coffee (we have plenty super good brands in London) with grass fed butter, coconut oil and later on with MCT oil. one day  I have realised when i added too much MCT oil it made very anxious so i since then i put max around 1 tsp or less. My question is if BP could make me feel bad again? is there any possibility i am allergic to coffee as sometimes after BP i feel anxious i feel something like lump in my throat. I did little research i was always drinking BP with some food - breakfast with eggs, it was ok fro while but then boom feeling crap again after BP, i was also trying BP with digestive enzymes or Betaine HCL - same. My girlfriend does not have any issues after drinking BP.


My daily routine:


Wake up 7 am


Breakfast: glass of mineral water with half tea spoon of Himalayan salt and lemon juice, 2-3 free range eggs (soft boiled eggs, poached, scrabbled eggs etc) with grass fed butter with piece of mackerel or organic paleo sausage (no preservatives, just meat and spices) or piece of organic bacon, very often i also have in the morning green smoothie (water or home made almond milk with cucumbers, baby spinach/watercress, avocado, pumpkin seeds, spirulina, i do add sometimes L-glutamine or raw cacao)


Lunch: Green smoothie with Sunwarrior proteins or salad (avocado, spinach, seeds, cucumber, any other greens, carrots with piece of fish or meat leftover from dinner)


Snack: Protein smoothie or soup (broccoli, leeks, spinach, carrots, bone broth, coconut oil/butter etc)


Dinner: Piece of grass fed meat (lamb, beef or pork) or organic chicken or fish with lots of vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower,  bok choy, spinach, asparagus with grass fed butter, coconut or or mct oil, also sometimes i add to this piece of sweet potato


Dessert: very rare i eat some home-made coconut milk ice cream (coconut milk whisk with blueberries or strawberries, sweetened with honey or xylitol)   


Supplements: magnesium citrate at night, selenium morning/afternoon, iodine (sometimes), D3 & K2 in the morning, chlorella sometimes, probiotics (1-2 times a day, using only strains which helps with histamine), coQ10, B3 (sometimes), teaspoon of fish oil in the morning, sometimes using with my meals digestive enzymes from Solgar or Enzymatica.


Exercise: 2 x week - usually different types of push ups, pull ups, squats and some exercises with dumbbells


i don't drink alcohol because i always feel crap day after even if drink just 1 or 2 pints of beer.


i also sometimes do drink fresh cold pressed juices - it's a part of my work:) - some of them are quite high in carbohydrates but i maybe drink altogether 0.5 litres.


Is anyone here had similar problem before? i just cant figure out what i am doing wrong. Before starting BP diet i also once was feeling amazing - was drinking lots of green smoothies for breakfast and lunch but after around 10 days i crushed again and i started feeling crap. I was thinking i maybe have some problems with gut - sometimes i feel bloated when i eat Brussels sprouts or cabbage  - this is the reason i started adding digestive enzymes, i was even thinking i may have GERD - as i have this lump in thorat when i drink BP coffee or even when i drink super strong tea or chocolate. Any help will be very helpful.




  • Lump in the throat definitely sounds like GERD. Talk to your doctor. As for the rest, I'd try some experimenting and try to narrow it down to either the diet or the coffee. After a week without BP coffee how do you feel? If that's okay, try a week of just BP and butter. If that's okay it might be the high concentrations of C8 triglycerides are causing you trouble for some reason. Sounds like your getting your coffee local. You might want to try the BP beans. I know they make a huge difference for me. If you do a week of intermittent fasting and drink your BP without food do you still crash later? 


    Hope this helps.



  • i am doing caffeine free week this week to see how i am going to feel. i am not big fan talking to doctors here in UK as most of the time they tell you your health issues comes from stress or anxiety. i have already tried original BP coffee from few different cafes in London where they use BP beans (but it was also with XTC oil) and had similar issues.


    If i do have GERD problems - what is worry me most that i wont be able to follow BP diet as recommended diet for GERD is low fat, no caffeine - i don't want back to low fat diet as it did make me feel crap.

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    Is anyone here had similar problem before? ... Any help will be very helpful.


    I crashed from going too low carb with exercise. I was eating more carbs than it sounds like you are eating, and perhaps a bit more exercise as well... but I was also doing weekly carb refeeds.


    Weekly carb refeeds are an important part of the diet. Are you including them?


    GERD, gut issues, etc. may or may not be part of the problem, but a lack of carb refeeds is a larger, glaring issue in what you described. 

  • ACH85 thanks for advice. Will you be able to give me an example how you are doing your weekly carb refeeds? at the moment i do add sweet potato or little bit of rice sometimes to my meals - mostly after exercise. How much carbs should i eat on the day of carb refeed?



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    ACH85 thanks for advice. Will you be able to give me an example how you are doing your weekly carb refeeds? at the moment i do add sweet potato or little bit of rice sometimes to my meals - mostly after exercise. How much carbs should i eat on the day of carb refeed?




    I think the "little bit of sweet potato or rice" covers only the "eat a serving of fruit or starch in the evening" part of the BP Diet Roadmap. Personally I'd add more post exercise, because the BP diet assumes no exercise or one session of brief exercise a week. If you cluster carb consumption right around workouts, any increase in blood sugar will mostly be taken up by your muscle cells. 


    As for the refeed day carbs, it depends on how depleted your glycogen (stored carbs) is, but I'd say more than 1g/carb per pound of body weight would be the barest of minimums for someone who'd only been low carb for 1 week, and even then I'd go for more. This post covers how many carbs you need to fully replenish glycogen, and:


    Also if someone wants to be low carb and do refeeds, basically you aren't doing it because consuming over 700g carbs not only is rarely if never reported in refeeds, but not even enough.



    NOTE: if you are concerned about scale weight, it will increase - sometimes quite a bit like 5-7lbs - during and for a couple days after a refeed. This is water weight and you should not decide, like some people do, that "carbs just make me gain weight overnight so I can't eat them."


    Rather than try to scarf down 1000g carbs to fix 4-6 weeks of overly-low carb, if I were you I'd just take 3-4 days eating considerable amounts of BP-safe starches. Faster-acting carbs like glucose powder can be timed around your workouts. 


    Many of those who have been on the forum for a while have seen many people come in with issues due to being low carb - either missing the importance of refeeds on the BP diet, or exercising more than a very small amount for which the BP diet was set up. I think the food quality concepts are amazing, and Bulletproof intermittent fasting is good for many people, but but if you want to be more active, the carb levels have to come up from BP. 

  • ACH85 this very helpful, thanks a lot i will adjust my diet starting from today/tomorrow.

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    ACH85 this very helpful, thanks a lot i will adjust my diet starting from today/tomorrow.


    No problem. I actually have to update what I said about refeeds, this is a new blog post from Bulletproof that specifically says refeeds max out at 150g carbs. In my personal experience that's too low, I "crashed" on probably 60-80g carbs a day, and refeeds of ~200g, doing hill sprints 3-4 times a week and minor weight training 2-3 times a week. I'm a 5'9" male for reference. But I want to separate my personal opinions from my comments on "doing the BP diet right," because even strict BP has more carbs than you described. So that still stands, but I guess my comments on amount of carbs that is included in a refeed do not. 


    While I'm at it, I don't fully agree with the rest of the post on ketosis being great for performance (I've been in ketosis the last couple weeks - tested with a blood ketone meter - and my performance dropped significantly. And there are quite a few forum members in the Athletic Performance sub-forum that would likely agree with me. Perhaps if I was completely adapted with long-term keto that could change, but I heard a podcast recently with a very athletic person who said it took him six months to a year of being almost entirely keto to see his performance come back to carb-based levels, and then into the second year he started surpassing his previous performance. I'd sure hate to eat that strict for a year or more, especially if a few holidays of non-keto eating could seriously set me back. 

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    Ketosis, great for your weekly ultramarathon.

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    Sure, marathons can be done on fat, who questioned that? I will give them credit when they find that sprinters do better on low carb, but this study shows nothing groundbreaking.

    It doesn't get easier... It's you who gets better.


    Is your social worker in that horse?


    Success has a price, not a secret.

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