Bp Diet: Night Time Carbs And Vegetable Sides

I just read the whole BP diet book and it was awesome! I know a lot about ketosis but I still struggle losing my last 10 # so I got this book to see how it could help me beyond VERY low carb/ketosis. I have become somewhat scared of carbs and weight gain, so I would like to know exactly how much Carb a 30 yo female (145#) should be eating (with PCOS) during the 2 week BP diet. 


I have read elsewhere on the forum 30 grams, which is 2 servings. Is this the same for everyone? Should we only stick to rice, sweet potatoes, fruit, or dark chocolate? 


I also was wondering, do we eat unlimited non-starchy vegetables all day or do we ONLY eat the "vegetable sides" with the meals at dinner that say "plus one vegetable side" 


The diet plan was a little confusing overall. I understand not wanting to give exact details but a little more would be helpful like 1 example day for a male and example day for a female. 


Please help!




  • I would say start low with the carbs, to be on the safe side, right? There's wiggle room to tailor it to your body so if you are used to more keto style, then.

    For me I don't like carbs anywhere near bedtime so I do a carb snack before dinner.

    Checking the Bulletproof Diet Roadmap pdf, your starch timing depends on if you're doing the Basic BPD or Intermittent Fasting. Also as I remember on the Roadmap, it's 1 USDA serving of starch so you can double check that (1/2 cup rice for example).
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