Eye Health Hacks - Bates Method & Developmental Optometry

Eye health correlates strongly with brain, mind and body optimal functionality. In this regard, Dave Asprey often mentions his work on this seemingly underrated field of bio-hacking.


Has anyone in the forum any experience or simply a manifested interest on eye/vision performance matters? That is, most particularly by means of behavioural changes and exercises.


I have a little experience myself and great interest. If there are more people looking for this kind of information, I would be glad to share what I know in terms of knowledge and my first-hand experience.


P.S.: by the way, in case members of the BulletProof are reading this now, it would be great to have Dave´s developmental optometrist on the Podcast...


  • I currently lack the discipline to go ahead with this.  But I just bought some pinhole glasses that I am trying to wear for a few hours every day and from what I've read, should really help to improve my vision.

    Check out my blog: www.electrichealth.me

  • I have only been taking the Brain Octane oil since 7/24/16 and I have had an amazing and totally unexpected improvement in the way my eyes work together since then. 


    • On DAY 3, I went to the movies and immediately noticed something odd about the screen. The colors seemed richer -- or something. I couldn't quite put my finger on it, until it wore off. And it did wear off and I went back to watching the screen the way I have always done it. That is, by scanning the screen constantly, watching for movement. Mind you, I did not know until Day 3 that I WAS doing it that way because I didn't have anything to compare it to. Well, that was interesting, but it got better.

    • On DAY 8, I looked at an electrical outlet and I SAW that the slots in an outlet are two different sizes. Intellectually, I knew that to be true, but I'd never seen it before. Now I am among the people who can tell which way to put the plug in the socket on the first try. Previously, I had a 50% chance of getting it right. So, my eyes are working together in a way that they did not on July 23rd.

    • On DAY 10, I started seeing things in 3D. It's as though I've been looking at 2D representations of 3D objects my whole life. For the last couple of days, I go around staring at stuff!

    In short, my vision has improved massively because I can now see "depth of field." My hope is that my eyesight will continue to improve in lots of ways. But I'm gonna give it a couple of months before I get it tested. 


    IMO -- and at my age (64 years and 7 months) -- this neurological improvement is a minor miracle, gratefully accepted.

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